Know everything about Actress Juliette Angelo's Personal and Professional Life

September 6, 2018
First published on:December 3, 2017
by samriddhi

Many people around the world see movies and TV series for entertainment. The actor and actress who keep us entertained always have a different real-life behind the screens. If you want to know Juliette Angelo's inside story and personal life then you have landed at the right age?


As a child character in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", she was able to win the hearts of million viewers. Moreover, she was able to gain on-screen success in her early age. If you want to know more about her, then keep on reading below. Also know more about her Personal and Professional life.

Know everything about Actress Juliette Angelo's Personal Life

Juliette Angelo, the 18-years old actress, is clean on any rumors of her boyfriend in the media. But, she has posted some photos on her Instagram to confuse us about her life partner.

Recently she posted a picture on her Instagram with a caption, “Happy bday to my husband,” Which left her fans wondering "what could it possibly mean?"

[ CAPTION: Juliette Angelo husband ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Also, from her post of November 12, it can be seen that the actress is a really big fan of the Titanic actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. On her post, she captioned, “happy birthday to my other husband.”

[ CAPTION: Juliette Angelo post on Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Till date, she has not officially announced her boyfriend. Also, the media has not told much about her dating life. According to her social media post, she seems to love her pets very much and has a dog, cat, and horse. She also seems to be a good horse rider.

[ CAPTION: Juliette Angelo ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Juliette Angelo Professional Life

Juliette Angelo made her debut in How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the age of 8. Since then, she has played in several top movies and TV series. Her real career started after the TV series Malibu Country.

After that, she has continuously been cast on Haunted Hathaway’s, NCIS and Mad Men. Besides them, she has also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. She has also worked with Justin Chambers and Amber Montana.

[ CAPTION: Juliette Angelo ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

And, let’s not forget about her stage acting. She has also played in a couple of Broadway Productions. She was a cast of Mary Poppins and Billy Elliot. In Mary Poppins, she acted as Jane Banks at certain performances.

Angelo is also a dance enthusiast as she also knows how to perform ballet, jazz, lyrical and tap dance. With skills as such, the actress is really talented, isn’t she?

Juliette Angelo Biography

Juliette Anglo is an American actress known for her comedy roles in the Malibu Country. With the start of her career in 2011, the actress has appeared in some hit Television sitcoms like Mad Men and NCIS. The actress is also an animal lover and loves to dance. Like every other girl, Juliette is a big fan of the Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

All this is just a beginning to her career. At just 18 years old, the actress has already become this big. Hope her personal life and professional career always touch success.

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