Well known American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer, Howard Stern is best known for his radio show The Howard Stern’s Show which gained popularity when it was nationally syndicated.


Howard Stern is married twice and has three children. Stern ended his relationship with the first wife with a divorce. His fans know more about his personal life, however, they are willing to know about his net worth and career. So, stick with us and scroll down to know about his net worth, salary, and income. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Howard Stern in 2019? His Income, Salary

Talking about Howard Stern’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $650 million as of 2019. Whereas he earns an annual salary of around $90 million. Honesty and outrageousness have helped Stern build strong fan support and reach the height that any radio show host has ever reached. 

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In 2017, Howard Stern’s net worth was estimated to be around $620 million which he earned from his radio career and hosting several shows and programs. He is mostly known for “The Howard Stern Show” and as the judge of America’s Got Talent.

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Stern is one of America’s most prominent free speech advocates who never fears to touch and discuss any controversial topics. Moreover, he is also the one whose dialogues and interviews are uncensored have amassed an incredible fortune.

Similarly, let’s know in details about Howard Stern’s cars and houses. So keep scrolling to know in details: 

Where Does Howard Stern Currently Reside? His Cars and House collection

Being one of the richest celebrities, Howard Stern is pretty interested in house and cars and owns a house in Palm Beach, Fla. Stern bought the house for $52 million.

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The current estimated price of his house is $95 million according to Forbes. The house covers an area of 39,094 square feet which consist of a huge garden and swimming pool.

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Moreover, Stern further has a Mansion in Southampton, New York. The three-level oceanfront Mansion is more than 16,000 square feet, with 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

Stern pays $15.1 million for two apartments just below penthouse unit in Manhattan’s Millenium tower which is in total 2,546 square feet. Stern’s seems to be a car lover. Well, he once drove a 1969 Pontiac GTO car which was an orange color sexy beast.

How Much salary Do Howard Stern Earn from His Career? YouTube, Interviews, News, The Howard Stern Show

The radio jockey Howard Stern has developed a reputation as a shock jock, never shying away from a controversial topic and has also won the numerous award for his movie “private parts,” including a Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and a Golden Apple Award.

In 1975, after graduating college, Stren took his first professional job at WNTN in Newton, Massachusetts, over the next nine years he roamed around the country working at various with stops in Chicago but he never earned more than an annual salary of $12,000.

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However, in 1982, Stren signed a five-year, contract with NBC for $1 million and he considered his first break, true stardom was still just on the horizon.

During Stern’ time at WXRX, the station was fined by the FCC multiple times for profanity, he eventually the fine totaled around $2.5 million. In WXRX, Stren was the most popular radio host and slowly became one of the most popular hosts in entire North America. His show exceeded 20 million audiences at its peak.

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Well, in 1993, he signed a multi-million dollar publishing deal with Simon and Schuster to write the semi-autobiographical Private Parts, which was later turned into a feature-length film. 

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As well in late 1995, Stern’s was offered as $3 million book deal which produced Miss America, a top New York Times Bestseller for 16 weeks. His Private Parts movie was released a year later and grossed more than $41 million at the box office.

Furthermore, Stern signed a five years deal with the Infinity Broadcasting company and began hosting “The Howard Stern Show” on WXRX in New York City.

It was here that Stern would become the irreverent, boundary-pushing media mogul has adult-skewing content and controversial antics attracted immediate attention across the country.

YouTube: Stern Show Clip Howard Talks To Martin Short About Kathie Lee Gifford

As in the 1990s, Stern’s viewership began to wane though he still remained the most popular host in all of the radio. Moreover, in 2004 Stern became increasingly lead to his departure from terrestrial radio.

Later Stern signed with Sirius radion in 2006 and gave a massive stock bonus in addition to his annual salary. As well as the overall take home for this deal was estimated to be around $302 million.

Again in 2010, he signed another five-year deal with the worth of $400 million that guaranteed him $80 million a year on top of his stock option and will keep the show on the air until 2020.

Similarly, he replaced Piers Morgan as a co-host/judge on America’s Got talent and remained on the massively popular show until September 2015. Stern reportedly earned $85 million as a base salary alone.

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On the other hand, Stern is the most successful radio host in which his “The Howard Stern Show” made him popular. His interviews, news, radio and talk shows are shared on YouTube. 

Achievements And Awards Received By Howard Stern

Howard Stern is one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry. He has so far won numerous awards for his movie “Private Parts”. Including a Blockbuster Entertainment Award and a Golden Apple Award he was also nominated for a Razzie Award and a Golden Satellite Award.

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Stern was further ranked twice on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, taking the No. 62 A spot in 2014 and the No. 5 Spot in 2015. He has been named one of the highest rated TV and Radio host and no wonder he is called “King of all media“. Stern has also been inducted into the National Radio hall of fame and figure in the United States with that roundup of accolades and awards.