Businesspersons are a source of motivation for us. With their hard life stories and how they finally got their success, such people inspire us. One such inspiration, we are going to talk about today, is Pat Bowlen. 

The business person Pat Bowlen is married to Annabel Bowlen. Successful in his professional career does not mean that he should be as successful in his personal life. But, it does not seem so, in Pat Bowlen’s life. Whatever be the case, let’s talk about business person Pat Bowlen’s marital status with Annabel Bowlen and his children.

Pat Bowlen and Annabel Bowlen: Marital Status

The owner of the Denver Broncos of the NFL is married to Annabel Bowlen. The details of their wedding are not publicly known. We can only be sure about the couple that they are married for more than a decade.

Pat and Annabel Bowlen

Pat and Annabel Bowlen Source: The Denver Post

The seventy-three-year-old businessman is a proud and happy husband of the sixty-one-year-old Annabel Bowlen. With five children from Annabel and two children from his former wife, the couple has been living together as a single family in Pat’s multimillion mansion.

Four of his children had been involved in the business but now, only one of them is actively present in the Denver Broncos team.

 Pat Bowlen’s pillar at the Ring of Fame

Pat Bowlen’s pillar at the Ring of Fame Source: Denver Broncos

After Pat Brown stepped down from his CEO post for the Broncos, his wife Annabel has been leading his team to victory. He left the post because of the progression of Alzheimer’s. On his disease, Annabel told the reporters that her husband is fully focused on his recovery and is fighting against the terrible disease.

 Bowlen family in a Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Bowlen family in a Walk to End Alzheimer’s Source: Denver Broncos

Pat Bowlen and Annabel Bowlen: Children

Pat Bowlen and Annabel Bowlen are the proud parents of three daughters and two sons. The names of their daughters are Christianna, Annabel and Brittany Bowler. And, their sons are named Patrick and John Bowlen.

 The Bowlen family

The Bowlen family Source: E-celeb

 Pat has two children with his ex-wife, but they are also living with him. Their names are Jane Beth Bowlen Wallace and Anie Bowlen. The older daughter of Pat Bowlen and his ex-wife, Sally Parker was also involved in her father’s business, but she has now dropped out of the business.

 Bowlen family accepting the game ball

Bowlen family accepting the game ball Source: Twitter

All in all, it seems that the business person Pat Bowlen is happy with his wife, Annabel Bowlen. With a total of 7 children, Pat is now battling with a deadly neurodegenerative disease, the Alzheimer’s.

Because of the difficulty in his remembrance of the recent events, he has stepped down from his post of CEO for the Denver Broncos. Let’s just hope for the best of Pat Bowlen.