Josephine Victoria Behar, an American comedian, and a book writer are married to her longtime spousal equivalent, Steve Janowitz. They have both been a support system for each other during tough times. With writing and acting as the main profession, how much has Steve Janowitz earned?


Joy Behar married Steve Janowitz started dating in 1982 when the groom was 40 years old. However, their marriage in the year 2011 came as a surprise to all of the media. Have you ever wondered what the total net worth of those two is? We will also talk about the career and achievements of the couple.

Net Worth of Steve Janowitz and Joy Behar

As a retired school teacher, Steve is not bound to earn a hefty amount of money, but he sure did win the heart of Joy Behar. Steve has featured in several movies and TV series through which he obtains a decent amount of money as salary. Moreover, he is also a writer and published several books. 

[ CAPTION: Steve and Joy ][ SOURCE: Liverampup ]

As we all know, Joy is a book writer. She has written two children books called, Sheetzu Caca Poopoo which is marked as $2.50 and $3 for a single sale in Amazon. Her latest book satirizing the new American President Donald Trump has a price of $16.12 on Amazon Primetime.

The same book named The Great Gasbag: An A-to-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World, is earning $12.99 with the sale of one book through its Kindle Edition. So, as a book writer, Joy is able to collect a good sum of money. 

[ CAPTION: Joy Behar: The Great Gasbag ][ SOURCE: Kobo ]

Except for books, she has also appeared in several movies and also hosts one of the most popular TV Show The View. Through movies, and TV shows she has receives a good sum of money as a salary. With her popularity still rising and her show’s TRP at its peak, her net worth is surely going to rise in the future. 

Allocating information from several sources as of 2018 it is found out that their combined estimated net worth is around $13 million.

Career and Achievement of Steve Janowitz and Joy Behar

With only teaching as Steve’s profession, he may have won several honors in the school he used to teach, but all of his details are unknown to us and the public. In marriage, one’s win is another’s win and vice versa. So, Joy’s achievements are also Steve’s and vice versa.

[ CAPTION: Joy Behar in an award ceremony ][ SOURCE: Ravepad ]

For the awards and nominations of Joy Behar, she has been nominated for a total of 17 awards but, she has been able to win only two of such awards. She has a 2010 Excellence in Media Award from GLAAD Media Award and a 2009 Outstanding Talk Show Host Award from the Daytime Emmys. All of her nominations are from her talk show, The View.

To finalize the topic, we can say that Steve Janowitz and Joy Behar have an open marital relationship with no money related problems to worry about. With all of those career achievements, they are bound to grow up even higher.