Jeremy Louis Alexander, Michelle McCool’s ex-husband is said to be currently single. While his ex-wife, Michelle McCool seems to have moved on, it appears Jeremy has not found the right partner for him yet.


Let’s know what is keeping the handsome hunk from marrying or is she someone dating secretly right here on Dodoodad?

Jeremy and Michelle Married While in College

We will tell all you want to know about Jeremy but first let’s know his past. 

Jeremy Louis Alexander and Michelle McCool were sweethearts long before they married. After years of dating, the couple finally married in 2001. Sadly the marriage did not survive more than five years. They split in 2006 eventually.

But surprisingly the couple had no children despite living together for 5 years, which might get you thinking that if their marriage was working well and what was wrong?

The cause of their separation is also quite a mystery but we can take guesses. One reason might be because they married when they were quite young.

Michelle McCool

In fact, Michelle was only 21 years old at the time and they were both studying in the same college. They probably did not know each other properly before they got married

Living years together, they might have realized that they were not compatible. Michelle is a wrestler but Jeremy is not. We do not exactly what his profession was except that he appeared a couple of times as a guest in WWE along with his wife. 

[ CAPTION: Michelle McCool ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Another reason might be stardom of his ex-wife, McCool. After she joined WWE, her career started to take off.

Moreover, as Michelle began getting attention, Jeremy might have felt insecure and slowly the relationship began to break apart and finally decided to go separate ways. 

[ CAPTION: Michelle McCool ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The strange thing after their divorce, Jeremy’s has gone off the grid. On second thought, the reason he was discussed earlier in the media might be of his connection to his beautiful and popular wife. 

It kind of sounds logical from nothing about Jeremy, let alone his marital status can be found on the internet. However, it appears that Jeremy is a model, going through his Facebook posts. He works at Donna models and Model at SCOUTING ONE By Jon Viatge.

[ CAPTION: Jeremy Louis Alexander ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

He is every inch of a model, handsome and has a sexy body, girls would go crazy for. Yet he is single. That’s something hard to believe as his facebook pictures suggest otherwise. The only possible explanation, he might be dating someone secretly. 

His ex-wife, McCool is now married to one of the prominent and legendary pro-wrestler, Mark William Calaway, known to his fans as the Undertaker in 2010, four years after she got divorced.

The couple has a daughter together, Kaia Faith Calaway born on 29th August 2012, and are living happily.

Michelle with her husband Undertaker

Michelle might still be friends with her ex-husband, Jeremy Louis. Who knows? One day, we are sure to get details on his love life. Don’t forget to check Dodoodad.