An American Emmy Award-winning television presenter, animal trainer, animal behaviorist, author and produce Brandon McMillan. He is best known for his role as host and trainer of the Emmy award-winning television series “Lucky Dog” on CBS.


Besides his successful career, his net worth is also talked about and his fans are keen to about his career and net worth. So today we are going to reveal Brandon McMillian net worth and salary.

Brandon McMillian’s Net Worth and Sources of Income

Brandon McMillian is a dog trainer from Hollywood who works with many popular personalities which include Ronda Rousey, Kate Hudson, James Caan, Hugh Hefner, and few more.

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He is well known for rescuing dogs on death row, then turning them into well-trained pets, service animals. “Over 1.5 million dogs are euthanized every year in America because they can’t find their homes and here is our hero who saves them.

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He has trained as many as 10,000 dogs for television, movies commercials, video, and people by which we can assume he earns a lot of income. His CBS shows total investment was reportedly around $4 million but the show’s popularity made earnings around $25 million.

Brandon earns a good sum of money from in his career. Calculating his cut from the show and salary he reportedly bagged millions of dollars and his recent net worth is reported to be around $15 million. 

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In 2013, he got tremendous identification from the hit show, Dog in CBS. Further, he got huge recognition as his show stole the limelight. Apart from that, the veteran animal trainer has also hosted a documentary on Shark Week called “Great White Serial Killer”.

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Being a professional animal trainer and television host, Bradon earns a huge amount of money now.

Brandon McMillian Early Career and before fame

Brandon started his career at the animal training company for film and television Hollywood Animals. He has worked there for almost 15 years. At that time, the company used to provide training to various animals such as big cats, bears, elephants, primates, birds, wolves and domestic dogs.

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The terminal in 2009, Brandon began to host the Animal Planet series “NIGHT” in which he covered the globe in search of the nightly performance of the world’s most dangerous animals.

Brandon McMillian’s Awards and recognization

Furthermore, Brandon outstanding work has won a couple of awards in his life. He has sustained the Daytime Emmy Award for lucky Dog in 2015. Additionally, Lucky Dog again converted the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Series in 2016.