Carin Kingsland married her longtime lover, the American singer Mark McGrath. What’s better than to be wed with the love of your life. Carin married her long-term boyfriend a few years back and are now living such a romantic life. Or are they?


Do Carin Kingsland and Mark McGrath have a romantic relationship up until now? With 5 years into their marriage, is the couple living happily? Do Carin Kingsland and Mark McGrath have children? Know all about their relationship status and children in today’s article.

Carin Kingsland and Husband Mark McGrath marriage

With the twins in Cairns’ belly, Carin Kingsland and Mark McGrath also got engaged to each other. After a long relationship of over 16 years, the couple finally got married in late 2012. Mark proposed Carin where they had first met 16 years before

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After the long-awaited moment, Carin and Mark finally got married at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara on Monday, 24th September 2012. The groom came with a Hugo Boss suit and, with the Renee Strauss’ bridal gown, came the bride.

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Finally, after a long 16 years, on and off the relationship, the couple told the media that it was just the beginning for them. They got engaged and after, they are together for all ups and downs.

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With a double trouble, the couple is living such a cute life together. They had a twin even before getting married so it was heard, the kids paid the roles of the ring bearer and a flower girl at the ceremony.

Couple Goals; Carin Kingsland and Mark McGrath and their children

If anybody asks Carin and Mark about their proof of love, they don’t only have one, but two. You heard it right. Mark and Carin have a total of 2 children. Their children came into their world as cute twin son and a daughter.

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Their first child is Lydon Edward and their second is Hartley Grace. Both of them were born long before their wedding. When the cute little twins were in the womb of their mother, they realized that they were in a deep love.

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Carin and husband met each other, loved then broke up and again the same thing again and again, until when they met for the last time as boyfriend and girlfriend. Since the day of the proposal to this day, Mark and Carin are living in such a wonderful time together.