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Birth Country: Australia
Gender: Female
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Ingrid Willinge is a business journalist who has earned a rich experience of working in various media houses thereby merging her love for finance with television journalism. Shaping her keen interest in journalism, finance, and media, she was able to fit herself in a variety of jobs from investment banking to Sky News. People credit Ingrid for her in-depth knowledge of finance, commercial law, and accounting.

Exposure In The Financial Industry

Born and raised in Australia, she completed her high school education residing in her hometown. Having an interest in finance and journalism since an early age, she completed her graduate study in commerce and arts from the Sydney University before pursuing a career in finance.

Ingrid later worked for numerous financial projects such as Macquarie Group Australia. At Macquarie Group, she worked in investment banking and used her knowledge of finance in tackling various financial issues. She also worked for Institutional Equities in New York, where she got exposure to an extensive variety of financial tasks. Working in New York was the most valuable experience of her early career, as the experience exposed herself in the financial sector.

During her professional tenure as a financial expert, she was able to maintain sound relationships with numerous billion dollar hedge funds. She has also assisted numerous  Fortune 500 CEO’s and has worked with the major players in the financial industry.

Chasing The Dream

Ingrid had always been considering combining three fortes that she loved – broadcasting, media, and communication. During the initial phase of her career, she worked primarily in financial industry. Gradually, her work brought her closer to the big names in the financial sector and competitive global markets.

After gaining experience in worldwide markets, she developed a need to work in media so that she could utilize her monetary learning and satisfy her yearning of working in TV.

Sky News And Outside Professional Career

She finally landed a business anchor stint at Sky News and fulfilled her early age dream.

Currently, she has been anchoring various business shows for Sky News including Market Moves, Lunch Money and Trading Today. In the show, Trading Days, she discusses the fluctuations in share market and provides in-depth analysis on the movement of various stocks. Similarly, she has also been contributing to segments on The Perrett Report and Switzer on Sky News Business. She also serves as a News Anchor on Sky News National.

Besides analyzing stock markets and intervening business personas, Ingrid loves to invest her energy participating in voyaging, horse riding, traveling, yoga and so on.