Judy Travis is a well-known YouTuber who has two channels, ItsJudyTime where she uploads her makeup tutorials and itsJudysLife which is a daily vlog channel. She has approximately 2.8 million subscribers both channels inclusive.


We will discuss Judy’s earning and her net worth through her youtube channels and her range of beauty lines. We will know about her income sources and her values in general.

Judy Travis Net Worth, Earning, Income, Salary

Judy first started making YouTube in 2008 with how to do your hair tutorial. And what started as a side hobby now has turned into a fully-fledged career. Her first channel was itsjudytime where she does makeup tutorials.

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Sources claim that a youtuber such as Travis average net day income is $514 USD.  Since Judy has two youtube channels, she must be making double of that $1028 USD per day.

Similarly, a YouTuber such as Judy’s annual net worth amounts to $198,603 per year through a single channel. Judy having two channels make double of that amount.

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But Judy’s income is not only determined by her YouTube accounts, after gaining success from her youtube career, Judy founded her own line of makeup products named ItsJudyTime, she also has a line of her own makeup bags with the same name. Her makeup bags range from $12 to $30 USD.

She has recently launched her products at Walgreens.

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With two YouTube channels and makeup products, her net worth amounts to $1.5 million USD. Her net worth in 2005-2007 was $1 million USD.

She has a staggering amount of followers on her YouTube and Instagram page. On her ItsJudytime she has 1,369,160 subscribers and on itsJudyslife she has 1,599,077 subscribers. Her viewers are the major consumers of her products.

Judy Travis Lifestyle, Family, Children

Judy, through her Instagram page, can be seen living a very opulent lifestyle. She is married to her husband Benji Travis. The couple has three children named Julianna Travis and two twin girls named Keira Travis and Miyako Travis. Her husband has a food channel on YouTube.

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She can be seen going to many vacations and places with her family.

She can also be seen doing various giveaways on her YouTube channel and Instagram pages. All of the products she keeps on her giveaways are expensive, so she must be earning a good sum of money through her career.

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She can be seen performing various charities, she is mainly working against the prevalent sex slavery.