Dallas Wings player Tige Diggins Jr. is not single. She has been dating former Notre Dame football player Daniel Smith for six years now. So is she engaged to him? Or has she broken up with her longtime boyfriend?


Tige Junior plays guard for the Dallas Wings for Women’s National Basketball Association. Her fans are more than eager to know details of her love life. So Tige Diggins fans, stay on the page to know more.

Skylar Diggins Got Engaged to Daniel Smith

Sorry to break to you guys but our gorgeous Skylar Kierra Diggins aka Tige Diggins is off the dating market. Her boyfriend, Daniel Smith finally decided to get serious with his gal. However, the news of their engagement rather came unofficially via Twitter posts in June 2016.

[ CAPTION: Skylar Diggins ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Not only this, the pictures were not uploaded by either couple but another source had done the job. He was non-other than Gavin Lueking, a professional photographer. The duo seems to be a fan of Gavin Lueking.

As seen in the picture, the 25-year-old American football player proposed in a classical style down on a knee on 20th June 2016. The 27-year-old beauty without having any second thought accepted his proposal. 

[ CAPTION: Skylar Diggins ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

While many had commented congratulating the couple on the posts but some had expressed grief for Drake. ESPYs host, Drake appeared to have an obsession with WNBA star Skylar Diggins. Here’s a funny video that shows Sky’s love for Drake.

Drake had posted a series of pictures of Skylar Diggings on his Instagram account which irritated Daniel. Of course, any boyfriend would get furious in his right mind when some guy puts pictures of his girlfriend on his social media.

[ CAPTION: Skylar Diggins ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Smith counterfeited the post by putting a cozy picture of him and his girlfriend alongside Drake. No doubt, the news might have broken many hearts but it sure is a good start for the couple.

The former National Gatorade Player of the Year, Skydiggs, and Daniel Smith have been in a relationship since 2011. Surely the relationship witnessed some ups and downs but in the end, they could not remain apart from each other for long.



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Eventually, they always made up. The former point guard for Notre Dame acclaimed worldwide recognition when she played for Notre Dame Fighting I. She also was a two-time recipient of the Nancy Lieberman Award

On the other hand, Daniel Smith had been a Notre Dame football player. So are they married?

It appears as if Daniel was afraid if someone would steal his gorgeous fiancee, Skylar Diggins. So yes, Skylar Diggins and Daniel Smith indeed got married in May 2017.