The American Flight Attendant, Jacelyn Reeves, who came to fame after getting in an affair with the famed American actor, Clint Eastwood, is already 66, but her beauty has attracted a lot of guys towards her for a romantic relationship.


The hot topic for today is the love life of Jacelyn Reeves. We will reveal all about her married life, and other relationships. Also, find out if she has children or not. So, let’s jump right in to know all about Jacelyn Reeves’ relationship status. 

Jacelyn Reeves’ Current Relationship

The mother of Scott Eastwood, Jacelyn Reeves seems to be currently single. With her beauty, she had been able to get into a lot of relationships, but she has been married only once. 

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Leaving her relationship with Clint Eastwood for the last, she was once married to Private Bell. This was after her break up with Clint. She had always tried to keep her relationship a secret from the media but, the news of her marriage eventually made its way to the public eyes. 

The length of her marriage with Bell is not really revealed but, from the tabloids, we got to know that she had broken up with him some years later of her marriage. 

Jacelyn Reeves as a partner of Clint Eastwood

The fact that Jacelyn Reeves came to fame was because of her love affair with the famed Gran Torino actor, Clint Eastwood. The couple first met each other while Clint was onboard a plane and Jacelyn was the flight attendant. 

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The couple started dating in the year 1984. It was an extramarital affair for Clint Eastwood. He had been in a relationship with his first wife, Maggie at that time. The couple tried to keep their relationship a secret but, for a huge star like Clint, it was impossible to keep the media from finding out his love affair with Jacelyn. 

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Clint and Jacelyn never ever got married but, they gave birth to a total of two children, a boy, and a girl. The boy was Scott Eastwood (March 21, 1986). He is currently a renowned actor in the Hollywood industry as he started with a unique feature film, Flags of Our Fathers in 2006.

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The couple also gave birth to Katheryn Eastwood (March 2, 1988), the winner of the Miss Golden Globe. She is also into the acting field as she has appeared in the movies like Jersey Boys and House Slave

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Talking about the current status of Jacelyn Reeves, then she is currently single and living happily with her children, Scott and Katheryn.