jaden-smith-gallery-3 Yes, it can happen to anyone as it doesn't matter it happened to Jaden Smith's beau Sarah Snyder. Or, Does it? The story could make headlines because she is a famous person. Just, envision endless vulnerable regular individuals who are not ready to share their suppressed story. "She is a rebel," my friend proclaimed when she watched Sarah's photo, where she is seen wearing a t-shirt highlighting own mug shot, on her Instagram. "Who does that? It's strange", I concluded. "No big surprise, she is the sweetheart of Jaden Smith. She showed up on the court wearing the mug shot engraved shirt", my friend included. Since I was unconscious of the entire story, I asked my friend to edify me. My friend then harshly bashed Sarah based on the information she studied on tabloids. Now fast forward to February 2016, Sarah was discharged from the theft charges by a Bradford, New York court. Around the same time, she shared her part of the story to harpersbaza.com. Upon learning her part of the story, I came to realize that how ill-minded all of us are. In 2015, tabloids were busy earning page hits publicizing "Jaden Smith's new girlfriend got a record" story.  Many people contributed filthy comments to such posts such as "Sarah is dating Jaden for money", or, "Now that she is dating Jaden she can buy the expensive bag". Likewise in 2015, we saw tabloids committing articles exclusively on Jaden's physical sex appeal, which is high at any rate. Interestingly, it took the court one year time to free her from charges of the crime (stealing $16,000 Birkin Handbag) she never committed. If you may, this case had nothing to do with Jaden Smith. But we got to knew her as Jaden's girlfriend with a record, thanks to our beloved tabloids. She needed to invest hours in prison despite being innocent. She was conveyed to the police station and before the judge without enough verification and confirmations and against her will. Is there no law in this nation? Yeah, right. I would prefer not to hear addresses on the Fifth Amendment. If individual rights are safeguarded by the Constitution, then why are they disregarded so severely by reputed state institutions? Who will be responsible for Sarah's lost modeling projects and media created bad reputation post the charges? In reality, she is a rebel yet not a rough one. She had the guts to wear her mug shot engraved shirt to the court. That is the minimum she could do to talk up against foul play of the police state. Notwithstanding, she did that not on account of she is Jaden's better half or a model with high physical sex appeal but since she is a casualty of the police state, simply like you may have been. Previously, most of us created wrong feelings against her in our psyche based on the theft story that tabloids highlighted, most probably because she was an improbable casualty, an exquisite teen dating a high profile celebrity. In reality, she is an imperative figure to draw out reality before us. Her story has just demonstrated the tip of the iceberg. Ironically, tabloids start features when the straightforwardly infatuated couple kiss or nestle before their cameras. In any case, they won't stand out as truly newsworthy institutions when police fierceness bashes an individual's liberty. (Picture Courtesy: Sarah Snyder's Instagram profile) https://www.instagram.com/p/8Rj5ovxMwG/