While talking about the sports journalists of Australia, James Bracey is a name that comes at the very beginning of the list. James Bracey, who has been active as a sports journalist since 2004, has gained name and fame for his unique style of reporting the games. He currently serves Sky News Australia as a reporter and presenter and is considered as one the key asset of Sky News Australia.


While talking about his early life, James Bracey was born on 17 September 1984 in Gosford, New South wales, Australia. His parents had hoped to give him birth on the Christmas Day so that they would have to buy only one set of gift per year but James born 3 months prior to the expected date. His premature birth explains his boyish charm and charisma in his face. James was raised on New South Wales central coast that was considered as a dangerous place. James parent’s had the very low economical background and they ran out of money during the great banana crash of 1990. His parents belong to itinerant hippies and James’s childhood days were full of struggle.

James Bracey was afraid of gardening which aroused the love of all sports on him. At the same, he started to write but he was horrible in writing as well. His skills as a journalist were discovered while he was attending the University of New Castle. He learned ancient skill of applying one’s good looks in writing ability from his mentor once he finished learning those skills, he raised as the greatest sports writer ever. At the age of 19 in April 2004, he became a producer at Sky News and at the same time, he was attending University of New Castle. He earned his Bachelor of Communications (journalism) from University of Newcastle. After graduation, he started to work in Sky News as a full-time.

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During his tenure at Sky News, he has covered various big sports events. He covered 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. Similarly, he has been to London and Beijing to cover 2012 London Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Recognizing his contributions in sports journalism, he was awarded Swimming Australia’s 2008 Media Award. In January 2013, Bracey was picked as a presenter for a new sports program SportsNight with James Bracey. Since then he has shown his strong position in Sports Journalism. In 2014, he appeared as a host in the ASTRA Industry Excellence Awards.


Talking about his personal life, James has an eye on only one woman that is his long term girlfriend. James and Ian Thorpe became a best friend after the meet in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. James considers Thorpe as a heroic person and kindred spirit. They remain the best of friends since then and even they have compared their penis size. He remains active on twitter. To get more information on James Bracey can be followed on twitter and his biography can found in the official website of the Sky News.