Jason Mantzoukas is a famous name in Hollywood who has gained name and fame as a comedic actor. He was born on December 18, 1972. Mantzoukas is best known for his role as Rafi in the comedy series The League. His role in The Dictator has also been widely appreciated. Mantzoukas has made an appearance in many high budget films such as Sleeping with Other people and conception. He also appeared in movie They Came Together. He has worked as co-host of popular film discussion show How Did This Get Made? With his outer appearance, he has been successful to leave a strong impression in any movie he has played.


Jason Mantzoukas was born and raised in Nahant, Massachusetts. During his early days, he had a keen interest in music and he used to play different instruments in school programs. He was considered as one the skilled drummer in high school and had a band named Slygoul. He has considered himself as 100% Greek descent although Mantzoukas seems to be of Middle Eastern ethnicity.

    “I could come up with a list of 10 people I would pay upwards of $1000 to watch eat a hot dog, Hilary Clinton is on that list.”


Moving to his career, Jason Mantzoukas started to perform improvisational comedy during his college days at Middlebury College as a part of Otter Nonsense Players. After completing his college education he went abroad to fulfill his thirst for music and lived abroad for several years. He traveled to North Africa and the Middle East in course of learning music. In 1998 after returning to New York, he started to work in the improv team “Mother” and began to perform comedy regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Mantzoukas made his appearance in movies such as Baby Mama and Hate Valentine’s Day and he appeared as a guest artist in comedy programs such as The Life & Times of Tim, Modern Family and Enlightened.

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Along with comedian Ed Herbstman, Mantzoukas formed comedy duo named “The Mantzoukas” and performed together for several years. The Duo were named “Best Improv Duo in 2006 by Time Out New York magazine. Mantzoukas was a co-writer of the screenplay for the 2014 Ice Cube. He also co-wrote Kevin Hart comedy Ride Along. He has also the experience of working a consulting writer and producer on programs including Children's Hospital and Portlandia. His first high budget film was Terrorists where he played the role of John Stevens released in 2004. His other Films include American Loser(2007), Stretch(2014) and Neighbours(2014). Similarly, he has made his appearance in numerous television series. He appeared as Pine Dimitry in Trafic Light(2011), as Mole Man in Childrens Hospital(2011) and as George in How to Be Single(2016). Currently, he is working for television series The Disaster Artist where he will be appearing as Peter Anyway.


Digging about his personal life, Jason Mantzoukas has maintained his life private. Although there are many pictures of Mantzoukas on the internet with his wife, he has not revealed the identity of his wife. Mantzoukas looks giant with a height of 5'11’’ and there is hardly any picture of Mantzoukas without beard and mustache. There is no any official account on any social networking sites under his name.