When it comes to sports representatives and cool commentary, Jay Harris represents himself as one of the best sportscasters of the American sports news industry. Born in the year 1965, February 22 in Norfolk, Virginia, he represents himself as a sports journalist, host, TV media personality and sportscaster by profession. Making his successful endeavors in a number of organizations in the past. He has a long history of his remarkable presence in the industry serving and making one of the best places to be in. Likewise, Jay Harris bio can be taken as an excellent source of motivational fact for thousands of people who want to achieve something in the similar field. Coming to this far, he is best to reckon for his success in SportsCenter and other programs from CNN.


Born and raised in Virginia, Jay Harris bio includes very less information about his childhood life. Growing up with the limelight of the media industry and a strong passion for doing something in sports, he went to Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC in 1983. In addition, he received Distinguished Alumni Award from the Old Dominion University graduating in the year 1987.

Starting his career from the local radio news in WOWI-FM in Norfolk, Virginia, he has served a number of the network in his life. After having several years of experience in speaking, he came into light with morning radio news experience from WAMO-Fm. Likewise, he has also American Urban Radio Networks and WPGH-TV in Pennsylvania prior joining to the ESPN network. Joining the network in the year 2003, he has been actively representing himself as Sportscaster for number programs including Outside the Lines, NFL Live, Baseball Tonight, Cold Pizza, First Take, Friday Night Fights, and ESPN Sports Saturday. With all his success, Jay Harris net worth and salary have been well kept hidden from the media.

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Concerning about Jay Harris wife, married news and his long history of romantic life. It is one of the fact that he has been followed and loved by a number of girls in the past. However, he has never dared to mention anything about his past. Currently, he simply represents himself as the happy man with a beautiful wife and nice kids back home. The source also adds that he was in a deep romantic relationship with girlfriend and boyfriend with his wife from the very long time. Not giving up the love of his life, the couple shares their wedding knot long time back. With such strong bonding and understanding, the couple is very far away from divorce and further separation phase. The happy pair two children with each other.

Describing Jay Harris height, charm, and his utmost character. No doubt, that this handsome man has been gifted with wonderful body structure. Being followed by a large number of people on his social media account, many people in the industry simply copy his style and envy his marvelous work. Jay who is another name for humble nature and pleasant character, many people simply wonder how he looks like when he goes shirtless. Looking best in suit and tie, he has been pretty much successful in hiding most of his body facts including his height. However, we can assume that his height might stand around 6 feet 3 inch followed by the weight of around 78kg.