The new generation knows American actor, Ron Perlman for his role as Hellboy in the comic book adaptation of Hellboy and Clay Morrow from Sons of Anarchy. But he was already known in the industry years earlier.


Since Ron has appeared in around hundreds of acts in Hollywood including movies and series, he does not require an introduction. Here, we give you a closer look at Ron Perlman’s private life.

Ron Perlman Married Opal Stone in 1981 and are Blessed with Two Children

Ron Perlman with his hoarse voice and macho physique just fit for a Viking chieftain has given inspirational roles and unforgettable acts, making him one of the most prominent celebrities in Hollywood.

The Beauty and the Beast actor who won Golden Globe Award for the same is especially known for his exceptional roles that require extensive makeup. In fact, while shooting for the same movie, he had to sit 4 hours while a make up artist prepared his face as the Beast.

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He is equally comfortable playing versatile character roles. Be it tough as nails character or a soft romantic one like Vincent (after he falls for the beauty) or Luther Braxton, a funny villain.

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He told in an interview while acting for Beauty and the Beast,

I never had a particularly positive image of myself physically, but I felt like there was something in there that I wished I could share with the world.

So who is the almost perfect actor married to in real life? Who is the beauty he fell in for? The name of the girl who stole his heart is Opal Perlman.

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Apparently, Ron Perlman and Opal married on Valentine’s day, when he was 30 years old. His wife is of African-American origin and a Jewelry designer by profession. Are you thinking how did an actor marry a jewelry designer?

Well, when Ron was working at a friend’s boutique store long before he began acting, a beautiful girl walked in. From that moment, Ron fell in love with his wife to be, Opal. After two years of their courtship, they finally tied the knot in 1981.

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But we are more than sure Perlman and Opal are very much in love as no couple would not have made it this far, 37 years together to be exact if they were not in love.

In addition, the couple cannot seem to stand apart from each other. Ron Perlman brings his wife along with him in events and award ceremonies, especially whenever he gets nominated for an award.

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The duo was seen together during the screening of the series, Sons of Anarchy, Hand of God and movie premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Seasons of the witch and many more.

Ron Perlman and Opal are blessed with a baby girl, Blake Amanda Perlman born three years after their marriage. Five years after the birth of their daughter, Opal gave birth to their son, Brandon Avery Perlman

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27-year-old Brandon Perlman also known by the aliases, Delroy Edwards or DJ Punisher moved to L.A to pursue his career in music, when he reached 18.

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On the other hand, Ron’s daughter, Blake Amanda Perlman followed in her dad footsteps. She is an actress, recognized for the movie, Archer and also the series, Hand of God. Recently she also appeared in the movie, Pottersville.  

Ron Shows Support for his Designer Wife

As a jewelry designer, Ron’s wife, Opal runs a jewelry line, Opal Stone Fine Jewelry and recently she has also tried her hands in designing handbags. And guess who Opal invited to launch her designs? Ron Perlman, her dear husband of course.

Sometimes your husband can also come handy when he is a famous actor.

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Ron Perlman also showed his support as a husband by hosting the handbag launch event designed by his lovely wife on 8th December 2011, at Gray Gallery in Beverly Hills, California. Many popular actors also attended the event, including Theo Rossi, Linda Hamilton, and Aimee Gracia.

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The actor is also a writer. If you want to know more about his personal life experiences and struggle as an actor, you should read his memoir, Easy Street in which he has opened about his childhood years, how he attempted suicide because of his weight.

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Ron Perlman did not reach this level of stardom without struggle and hard work. As mentioned, his voice has also helped him gain popularity. Do you remember the villain god, Xibalba in the animated movie, The Book Of Life? The voice of that character is non-other than Ron.

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The 13 Sins actor has also given voice-over in movies and a bunch of video games additionally. Cool huh? Game lovers might know Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood in the games Halo 2 and Halo 3. Just to keep you informed.

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But let us remind you he is 67, some of you might have a grandfather of his age but do not underestimate him. He can be a tough challenge even for top actors and his time is not over yet.

When playing as Harris in the Hand of God, Ron searched YouTube clips to find out how a person touched by the Spirit speak, not to mention the tiring makeup schedule he had to go through while playing as Hell boy in 2002.

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You want to know another interesting thing about the macho actor and writer? Ron Perlman has said that he might also run for 2020 presidency. Awesome, Ron Perlman as a president of the United States of America. Just Imagine.


Mojito numero uno de many.

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We cannot say if Ron would prove a good president. Honestly, we highly doubt that. Nevertheless, Ron Perlman is an amazing actor; in fact, he can be called a legend that nobody can argue with that.