Experienced Aussie Sports Journalist and award-winning writer/ producer: Jim Callinan

Concieved in Scone, New South Wales, Australia and experienced childhood in Muswellbrook, NSW, Jim Callinan has been a household name among sports enthusiast in Australia for the past 20 years. He has covered numerous sports in his long career including golf, triathlon, surfing, surf boating, cricket, lawn bowling, National rodeo, marathon and many more.

Currently, he fulfills the role of an anchor for Sky News Lives’ Sportsline. He has been with Sky News since 2011, the year he joined the network as senior sports journalist. Jim enjoys a communication degree from Bathurst located Charles Stuart University. He finished his high-school education from Sydney located Joeys Junior High School.

Prior to joining Sky, he enjoyed a successful sports-casting career as a celebrated sports presenter/journalist for NBN Newcastle after his tenure at NBN Television Tamworth, where he started his career in 1995.In addition to his television credentials as a sports journalist, he is credited for his 2007’s award winning internationally documentary titled “The Gold on the iconic Coolangatta Gold Ironman”.

The Coates Hire Coolangatta Gold is an intense sport which is borrowed from a motion picture 30 years ago. The challenging game, which is made up of consolidating swimming running, board paddling and surf skiing, comprises of 75.4 km in total for the players to cover in team or as an individual.

Personal Life, Physique and Philanthropy

His skynews.com.au profile specifies that he has a little daughter Edie, with whom he likes to spend time when he is not satisfying his on-screen obligation. His other notable hobbies include playing/watching cricket and rugby.Nevertheless, his loving wife Amy gave birth to a baby boy, Finn James Callinan, in late February, 2014.

Aside from his professional credentials, he is likewise known for his support for noble cause, especially for collaborating with charity and community groups such as Sids and Kids, Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Hawthorne Club.

In addition to his lucrative height, the bespectacled sports journalist of white ethnicity possesses charming smile, fit body, winsome face and blonde hair.

Fans can connect him on his Twitter account to get access to on-set pictures/infos, event updates and sports gen from him.

Other honorable mentions

One may have encountered a few different renwned individuals by the name Jim while hauting down the rated Sky’s anchor on the web. Other honorable mentions include Harvard’s record setting fullback Jim Callinan, who later declined a lucrative offer from the New York Giants, Award winning (Morningstar manager of the year, 1999) Investment executive Jim Callinan, who is a co-founder of the famous investment firm RS investment, Wells Fargo’s Head of Institutional & Merchant Banking-Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management and former Stander Chartered managing director Jim Callinan.

Interestingly, Harvard record setting fullback Jim’s son Jimmy was also a star defender during his Stanford days. Son of Jim Callinan and Letty Calinan, Stanford’s economic graduate Jimmy has three siblings.