An American heavyweight mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, Josh Barnett became the youngest UFC heavyweight champion after knocking down Randy Couture. He has a record of 25 wins to 8 losses in UFC.


UFC fighter, Josh previously dated Collen Schneider, an American professional mixed martial artist, and currently single after a breakup. The couple dated for a long time and seems to be strongly bounded but their unexpected break up shocked their fans.  

Josh Barnett Early life and Education

Josh was born as Joshua Lawrence Barnett on 12th March 1982 in Seattle, Washington. He grew up with his half-brothers, Gary Norton and Jackson and often got into fights during his childhood. Barnett also took several anger management class at his younger age and overcame it.

During high school, Josh participated in football, wrestling, Judo, kickboxing and was excellent in it. While studying in sophomore, he watched UFC 2 which inspired him and decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts fighter.

Josh eagerness in MMA led him to train at the Bushidokan Dojo though he didn’t have any money, he received his full training after exchanging help as maintenance and worker at the Dojo.

Josh Barnett Career

Barnett started training for fighting at the age of 18 and used to begin his morning with some fresh squeezed scorpion venom and coffee. He made his professional debut in 1997 and won his fight under three minutes by rear-naked choke submission.  

After winning the match with Dan Severn, Bobby Hoffman, John Marsha, and Bob Gilstrap twice, he was invited to the UFC. On 17th November 2000, Josh Barnett made his UFC debut at UFC 28 with Gan McGee and won the fight with TKO technique.


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During Josh Barnett career, he has won 35 matches out of 43 matches. Among them, he won by 8 Knockout, 21 Submission, 2 Decision, and 1 Disqualification. Moreover, he won Metamoris Heavyweight Champion once, 2009 World No.

Gi Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Belt Gold Medalist, Pancrase Openweight Championship once, 2006 PRIDE Heavyweight Grand Prix Runner-up, and much more.    

Despite UFC, Josh Barnett also featured in several movies such as Never Back Down: No Surrender in 2016, Absolution in 2015, Pride FC in 2006, etc. He also appeared in Xbox 360 game Beautiful Katamari as well as in an episode of the web series Black Dynamite Teaches a Hard Way in 2013.  

Josh Barnett Personal life

Josh once dated a girl from the same profession. He dated Colleen Schneider, an MMA veteran, who loves to deliver hard pain on her oppositions. The couple dated for quite long and were strongly bonded with each other.

[ CAPTION: Josh Barnett and his girlfriend Colleen Schneider ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

While Josh and Colleen were dating, the pair was famous all over the social media. However, the pair separated after dating happily for a long time. Currently, Josh is single and hasn’t dated anyone after a breakup, but his then-girlfriend Colleen already moved on and found someone new.  

[ CAPTION: Josh Barnett and his ex-girlfriend Colleen Schneider ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Josh Barnett Net worth

Josh Barnett earns a good sum of money from his mixed martial career. He has won several matches, championship, and tournaments through which he is able to obtain a huge sum of money.

Allocating information from several source it is found out that Josh Barnett’s salary in 2016-2017 was $471,150, 2015-2016 was $349,000, 2014-2015 was $183,684, 2013-2014 was $118,305, and 2011-2012 was $93,067.  

Similarly, here is Josh total career earning listed below:

  • On 21st Oct 2006, Ride 32 – W (Nastula) – $60,000
  • On 19th Jul 2008, Affliction: Banned – W (Rizzo) – $300,000
  • On 24th Jan 2009, Affliction: Day of Reckoning – W (Yvel) – $500,000
  • On 18th Jun 2011, Strikeforce: Overeem vs Werdum – W (Rogers) – $100,000*
  • On 10th Sept 2011, Strikeforce: Barnett vs Kharitonov – W (Kharitonov) – $150,000
  • On 19th May 2012, Strikeforce: Barnett vs Cormier – May 19/12 – L (Cormier) – $200,000
  • On 12th Jan 2013, Strikeforce: Marquardt vs Saffiedine – W (Guelmino) – $250,000
  • On 31st Aug 2013, UFC 164 – W (Mir) – $160,000
  • On 28th Dec 2013, UFC 168 – L (Browne) – $170,000
  • On 27th Sept 2015, UFC Fight Night: Barnett vs Nelson – W (Nelson) – $230,000 ($170,000 to show, $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus, $10,000 Reebok sponsorship)
  • On 30th Jan 2016, UFC on Fox: Johnson vs Bader – L (Rothwell) – $190,000 ($180,000 to show, $10,000 Reebok sponsorship)
  • On 3rd Sept 2016, UFC Fight Night: Arlovski vs Barnett – W (Arlovski) – $290,000 ($180,000 to show, $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus, $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus, $10,000 Reebok sponsorship)

As per thesportsdaily, Josh Barnett’s net worth is around $2,600,000.