Julie Youngberg is a costume designer for the World Wrestling Federation. She is widely recognized as the former wife of retired professional wrestler, Darren A. Drozdov. Moreover, she is known for being a wife of Shannon Moore, a professional wrestler.

Julie Youngberg Marriage & Divorce

Youngberg got a media attention when she married to Wildman wrestler Darren Drozdov in 1999.The couple wedded after few month of their engagement. Darren used to tell her that if he ever graced paralyzed, she should leave him as he wouldn’t want to live.

But after a few days of their marriage, Drozdov was paralyzed from the waist down. He cracked his neck during a match with rival D’Lo Brown at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, L.I.

Darren Drozdov regained more upper body movement and was conveyed by helicopter to the Magee Rehab Center in Philadelphia, where he meets the toughest fight of his life.

Julie Youngberg said that, four years ago, “we talked about him … being paralyzed. He always needed me to leave him, and he wanted to die.”

Then, Darren Drozdov circled by friends and family and the letters and flowers that have flooded the Nassau County Medical Center in East Meadow, Drozdov told Julie he had found peace and a new resolve:

Julie said The Droz “was talking about being a spokesperson and helping people through this – even if he doesn’t get anything else” from rehab.“I’m very proud of him,” she said. “I just think it’s a real testament to the heart.” The couple eventually divorced in 2005.

Julie Youngberg Married Life

After her divorce with Darren Drozdov, Julie Youngberg began to date Shannon Moore. Their relationship news began to circulate when the couple appeared attending events.

Julie Youngberg with her husband Shannon Moore
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After dating around a year, the couple decided to get married. Their wedding date was set in April 2009. As of now, the two is living happily married life.

Look at her post how she feels about her ex-spouse:

Julie Youngberg Controversies

In 2015, she made headlines, when she fights with Matt Hardy’s Wife, Reby Sky. There has been a set of debating on social media between Julie Youngberg and Ruby Hardy, a former WWE and current Tna star Matt Hardy. According to Youngberg, Matt and Reby have been chopping and chasing her.

Have a look what Youngberg wrote on Facebook:

“So great news. The police came over the other day who are working on my case of the person/people who are hacking me, stalking me, making up horrible lies, slander, etc and are trying to break up the beautiful marriage Shannon and I have. Funny enough the cops traced the emails back to a town none other than Cameron Nc!!! Hmmm…lol, Just a little more time before they crack the false name the acct was opened under but they are working on it.

The fight got really personal when Youngberg mentioned that the Hardys newborn baby is not Matt’s:

Reby called out Youngberg for her comments and accused her of having an extra-marital affair:

Youngberg posted the following message on Twitter concerning her criticisms being racist:

“For all u people who think I said something racist lol….what I said was “my hackers wife”….according to our police investigation of being harassed 4 the past 6 years, those emails have been now discovered to have come from Caneron NC….so unless u are the hackers wife there’s no reason to have an issue.”

Julie Youngberg Net Worth

Youngberg is an animal lover and rescues the animals.Being an animal lover, she treats them like her children.

Have a look her pets, how they are playing:

Being a WWE employee, she surely earns an attractive salary, and on the other hand, her husband’s estimated net worth has $1 million. She is surely living a luxurious life with her husband.