Kait Parker is a well-known atmospheric scientist. Katie currently works for weather.com and the Weather app. Her stunning smile can be seen on weekends, on Good Morning America, where she fills in for their in-house meteorologist Rob Marciano.

She is married to meteorologist Michael Lowery.  Kait revealed about her marriage via. her Instagram page. Scroll down to know more about Kait Parker’s biography including her professional career and personal life with married life, children, dating history, net worth, career, early life, education, and more.

Kait Parker Early life

Born on May 22, 1981, Kaite grew up in Texas, USA. She is born to natural American parents. She is white in ethnicity.

Showing interest in weather; its pattern, changes, risks, forecast and its distribution since an early age, Kate joined the University of Missouri where she studied her under-graduation in Atmospheric Science.

Due to her dedication and brilliance in the field of meteorology, Katie was selected as the leader of Meteorological Club, and she also showed her diligence as she taught a course on Storm Chasing for the University.

Not only Kate was an academic but she also showed her dexterity in the athletic department as she was on the team of the cheerleader for the University of Missouri. 

Kait Parker Career

As do every great personality, Kaite’s beginning had a humble start too. Initially, she worked as a weather forecast host for local radio stations and also for KOMU-TV. She also has interned for WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas.

Her hardworking nature and brilliance in the subject matter have been of utmost importance, as it has been brightening her career and she has been coming more in the spotlight.

CAPTION:Kait Parker reporting news
SOURCE:pacific Standard

Kait Parker has provided her services for major prominent news channels like WFAA-TV and WAKA-TV in her past. All her co-workers have reported that Kait is an inspiring and entertaining figure to be around with. Her passion for what she does exceeds expectations.

Currently, Kait has been providing her services for WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Her meek and dynamic personality and charming smile have boosted her audience.

Kait Parker Personal life

Kait has very strategically and with very success kept her personal life behind the curtains. Kait was engaged to her boyfriend, Michael Lowery, after a long relationship, in October 2015.

Michael is best suited for Kait as they both share the same passion. Michael is a renowned hurricane specialist. It is reported that Michael proposed Katie very privately with a big diamond ring. Speculation of her engagement started after her fans saw her ring and Katie disclosed her facts about the engagement after a long and reluctant time.

Her marriage was news after she posted pictures of her intimate marriage on her social media sites. No any report of a baby or any pregnancy has been made. All we can say is that both the couple are very much focused and devoted to their career currently.

Kait Parker Net worth

As estimated on 2nd September 2017, Katie Parker’s net worth is around  $500,000. It has been reported that Kait has over $100,000 as an annual salary. She has worked for several ad commercials as well so we can assume that he lives her life in utmost comfort.