Kayleigh McEnany is an experienced political commentator. Most of the viewers know her for her talent and great commentary but do they show interest in her personal life, too? Well, we know it’s a pretty stupid question, as she a homely name in the American families. We have heard that she has already got engaged to her boyfriend.


But, are there any rumors of their wedding till date? If yes, then when will she get married? Why isn’t the couple married till now? Or, have they already performed the nuptials privately? Stay with us to know about it in detail.

Kayleigh McEnany Married or still waiting?

Being in a long relationship, Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin shared rings in July 2016. But, up until now there are no any rumors of them ever getting married? Maybe, they are waiting for the right time to come. Or are they?

[ CAPTION: Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin ][ SOURCE: Publius Forum ]

To break the news, the couple has been married since Saturday, 18th November 2017. The couple is madly in love with each other. Although Kayleigh is suffering from breast cancer, Sean has always been taking care of her and supporting her.

Despite the disease, Sean still loves her the same. In addition, the couple revealed that they are planning to have four children together in future.

[ CAPTION: Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin wedding picture ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Kayleigh and Sean went Vail, Colorado for their honeymoon as Kayleigh posted the picture on her Instagram. They seem to enjoy their newly married life. Kayleigh regularly updates her photos on Instagram and similar other social media platforms.

[ CAPTION: Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin honeymoon picture ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Kayleigh McEnany Engagement

In July 2016, Kayleigh got engaged with her longtime lover Sean Gilmartin. Kayleigh officiated the news of her engagement by posting on her Twitter account. Kayleigh in her Twitter post on 13th July 2016 showed the romantic picture that the baseball pitcher, Sean Gilmartin proposed with a diamond ring.

[ CAPTION: Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin engagement ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Kayleigh quoted in her post that the pitcher made her a Cinderella. And, the message by Sean at the time of proposal had it that the Prince Charming, we all know who has come to rescue her. Such a sweet and romantic thing to say, don’t you think?

Nothing matters to them if someone has fallen in love. The same thing happened to this couple. A true example of love for coming generations. Hope this couple will stay forever without any difficulties.