It’s quite clear that the relationship includes: Fight, Jealousy, Arguments, Faith, Tear, Disagreement. But a real relationship fights through all that with love. Don’t you think so?


Well talking about the relationship? This American singer, songwriter and record producer, Skylar’s relationship status is still confusing.

Skylar Grey was rumored in a romantic relationship with Eminem. But now it looks as if the couple’s separated. So wanna know more whether their relationship is true or fake and Skylar’s present relationship status? Here’s detail information about Skylar’s past and present relationship. Just keep scrolling.

Is American Singer, Skylar Grey Single or in a Relationship?

The U.S. born Skylar came to the spotlight after her debut studio album Like Blood Like Honey, under the aforementioned labels. The hottest lady ever, Skylar is the heartbeat of her millions of fans, especially boy. And boys who are dreaming Skylar as your partner then just forget it.

So sorry to be a bad NEWS bearer but this American singer, Skylar is in a romantic relationship with Elliott Taylor. It’s true that the sexy lady, Skylar has a very strong connection with her partner Elliott. But boys don’t be jealous.

[ CAPTION: Elliott Taylor with Skylar Grey ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

However, the couple hasn’t revealed the news about their relationship. It looks as if the couple is really dating each other as the action speaks for itself.

[ CAPTION: Elliott Taylor with Skylar Grey ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

You may be questioning, How? Well while checking out their Instagram account, their cozy moment picture identifies Skylar and Elliott to be in a romantic relationship. We just hope that they will soon inform the media about their relationship status themselves.

[ CAPTION: Elliott Taylor with Skylar Grey ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Bad luck boys but there are still hope; Do you know Skylar was connected in a romantic relationship with Eminem before dating Taylor. How did the couple separate? Wanna know? Here’s detail information.

Skylar Grey rumored to be in a relationship with Eminem

An especially compelling and exceptional artist, Skylar was born to create music. Isn’t it? Even before Skylar’s big break, she was no stranger to the music industry.

[ CAPTION: Skylar Grey rumored to be in a relationship with Eminem ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

If you remember then Skylar is also best known for accomplishments like co-writing Eminem and Rihanna’s hit single ‘Love The Way You Lie’ which released in 2010 which is featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey’s soundtrack. And at the same time, Skylar was rumored to be in a relationship with Eminem.

[ CAPTION: Eminem and Skylar Grey ][ SOURCE: Just Jared ]

But they revealed that they were not dating each other despite being good friends. They just worked with each other for quite a few times which gave air to the rumor. However, at present, Skylar is in a romantic relationship with Elliott Taylor.