Being married happily is not possible in everyone’s life. There will be ups and downs. Only a few people lead a happy romantic life after marriage. Remaining go through the various process of separation. Tracye Hutchins also saw the same faith with Steve Overmyer.


Why did the couple get divorced? Is it because of extramarital affairs of Steve Overmyer? Or, the couple have other issues in their private life? Do they have any children together? Stay with us to know about their relationship.

Tracye Hutchins and Steve Overmyer Married life and Divorce

Tracye and Steve were in a romantic relation long before Tracye’s job as an anchorwoman. Before migrating to Atlanta, the CBS anchorwoman was already married. So, it can be guessed that the couple was married several years before 2001.

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They had a good relationship with each other. But, due to some unknown reason, the couple had to get divorced.

With bad luck and unfortunate occurring, Tracye Hutchins and Steve Overmyer had to get a divorce. The couple had to terminate their marriage in 2003, two years after they moved to Atlanta.

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With all of the misfortune that occurred to the lady, she has not lost her hope. She is now living a happy and successful life. After her failed marriage, Tracye has become a famous TV Host for the show Better Mornings Atlanta of the CBS46 channel.

Tracye Hutchins and Steve Overmyer Children

Before being the CBS Atlanta anchorwoman, Tracye already had a child. It can be thought that the ex-couple had conceived the child nearly after their marriage.

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After the separation of Tracye and Steve Overmyer, their child is living with her mother.

The couple has a daughter who seems really happy living with her mother. Even though Steve and Tracye have gone through severance and their daughter is living with her mother, his dad is totally free to visit her anytime he wants.

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Talking about the father-daughter relationship, Steve and his daughter shares a magical bond. The parting of the couple had no damage whatsoever to the father and the daughter. Steve is a busy man, but whenever he gets a time off, he travels to his daughter’s college to spend quality time with her.

Steve Overmyer is a famous sports anchor for the CBS New York and is in a developing run. And, as for Tracye Hutchins, she is living quite a lavish life with great morning shows for the CBS.

Although the couple undergoes a judicial separation, both of them have the good relationship with their child.