Kim Krizan is one of the versatile writer and actresses from the United State of America. Kim Krizan, who was born on November 1, 1961, has achieved name and fame in Hollywood as a writer. She wrote series Before Sunrise in 1995 and Before sunset in 2004 and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and for a Writers Guild Award. In both films, she worked with Richard Linklater to create characters. Kim has also worked as an actor in various movies named slacker, confused and walking life and Dazed. She wrote novel Zombie Tales: 2061, a collection of three comic series, which were critically acclaimed. Currently, Krizan lives in California where she is spending her time in writing so we might expect new series from Krizan in coming days. She has also been teaching writing in UCLA, where she is sharing her knowledge in writing with her students.


Kim, who believes that success of a writer depends on audience has earned master’s degree in literature. She was raised in Los Angeles, after seeing more opportunity she moved to Austin, Texas where she worked in theater and film. She got married to Chip Mosher in 1999 and having a good relationship with him since then. While talking about before films Kim once said in an interview that she had met one person who said that after watching Before he realized that he was with wrong women. This proves that Kim is a writer who can influence people with her writings.

“I write so the endangered thoughts roaming naked and vulnerable through the misty jungles of my mind aren’t slain by the guns of practical living.” Kim Krizan

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She started her career in 1991 when she appeared for Linklater’s Slacker. Later on, she was featured in Walking life in 2001. She also appeared as the high school teacher, Grunny Stroud in Dazed and Confused in 1993. In Walking Life, she wrote her speech that talks about language and love. Having being selected as a spokesperson, Kim started to work for the screenwriting software in 2007.  In 2008, she started to move her pen in writing comic books and graphics novels.  She appeared in Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2009. In Times Festival of Books, she participated in Comics discussion show, Big! Bold! BOOM! : BOOM! Studios talk Comics along with her husband Chip Mosher. During the celebration of  40THanniversary of TVO Saturday Night At The Movies, Kim Krizan was selected for a promotional spot. In October 2012, Kim debuted in non-fiction book with her book Original Sins and was spotlighted by Publisher’s Weekly for self-publishing efforts. On September 27, 2013, her article on The Huffington post revealed that letter written by Gore Vidal to the diarist Anais Nin contradicts characterization of Vidal’s previous relation with Nin. Eventually, Krizan worked to publish Mirages, Nin’s uncensored diary.

Kim Krizan has been nominated in Awards but has not been able to bag any. First, she was nominated for Best Screenplay in 1995 for Before along with Richard Linklater. 54 years old Krizan has been able to maintain her body and looks healthy. There is no any authenticate information about how much she has earned in her career, but it seems that she has earned good money as a screenwriter.