Chloe Frances Dykstra, who belongs to American Nationality, represents herself as actress, model, producer of web series and cast member of Heros of Cosplay, the SyFy show.


Born in the year 1988, September 15 in Los Angeles, California, Chloe Dykstra formerly worked as a freelance game journalist for many websites. Easy to me and My place photos  are parody photos for which she was featured in a Daily Dot article. Born as a daughter of John Dykstra and Cass McCuney, Chloe Dykstra works for Nerdist Industries YouTube channel as a co-host and producer of a web series Just Cos. Before becoming a member of cosplayers she had shown different cosplay characters for video games which include Lara Croft of Tomb Raider, Elizabeth from Bioshock and Skyrim GLaDOS from the portal. One interesting thing about Chloe is that she has played the role of Triple H, WWE Superstar, in a YouTube video titled “ Wrestling isn’t wrestling” uploaded by Max Landis.

Chloe Dykstra spent used to spent her most of the time in a video game and cosplay during her childhood which helped her to master numerous video game characters, anime characters, and Doctors Who characters. After gaining mastery in characters she became famous through various television shows and webs. She has also worked for many short films and has occupied a special place in online gaming.

Being a daughter of  three-times Academy Award-winner, Chloe Dykstra was highly appreciated for her work in movie Spider-Man 2 in 2004, where she worked as a producer and actress. She also worked as an actress and producer for movie Drag me to Hell in 2008 and for Video Games: The Movie in 2014. Popularly known as Skydart, Chloe has her own web series named Pizza and Porn.


Talking about her relationship, Chloe Dykstra broke up with her boyfriend, Emmy Award nominated comedian Chris Hardwick in 2014 Chris Hardwick is also famous as an actor, Radio DJ, writer, broadcaster, and television producer. Chloe had been in a relationship with Chris Hardwick for a long time before they broke up. After ending the long-term affair with Chris Hardwick, Chloe began a relationship with television actor Same Witwer and having a good time with him. Chloe loves to have pets around her, she has two dogs Laika and Diego.

Chloe Dykstra, with bold personality, has the perfect balance between both the lives. Having height of 5’ 9’’ she looks fabulous in a black dress with her long blond hair and has the power to attract any man with her charming smile. Chloe with the weight of 122lbs (55.3kg) has perfectly maintained her body figure. Her green eyes have added extra beauty on her face.

Chloe Dykstra is considered as a YouTube star and she has more than 92k followers on twitter. Chloe Dykstra as a Skydart has more than 72k followers on Instagram, where we can see her in a bikini. Chloe Dykstra, who had been enjoying luxurious life being a daughter of a millionaire has estimated net worth of $1 million which is 10 times less than that of her  ex-boyfriend Chris Hardwick.