Your network is your net worth. How do you value your network? Well, if you don’t value it, cultivate it, nature it, it becomes worthless. If you do value it, it becomes priceless. And the Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgian is a true example who really had valued his network and won the heart of many people through his work. 

Besides his successful career, people are very curious to know about his net worth and salary. So today we are going to reveal about the Net worth Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.

Charles Michel career and Net worth

Michel has been chosen to the federal Chamber of Representatives since 1999, representing Walloon Brabant, a stronghold of the liberal MR.

Charles MichelCharles Michel Source: Flanders Today

In 2000, Michel became Minister of the Home Affairs in the Walloon Government. He became the youngest \minister in Belgium’s history.

Charles MichelCharles Michel Source: South China Morning Post

One of his colleagues said, “He is a very determined person, ready to assume his responsibilities, even shake up the established order.”  He has been part of Belgian political landscape for more than 15 years. 

Charles MichelCharles Michel Source: Getty Images

His involvement began as a boy, putting up posters for his father and was 16 when he entered the party’s youth group in Jodoigne, on the frontier among French-speaking Wallonia in the south and Dutch-speaking Flanders in the North. 

Charles Michel

Charles Michel Source: NewIndianExpress

From 2007 to 2011, Michel worked as a minister for cooperation, considered a secondary position, but he rose to national renown in early 2011 when he became the head of the Liberals.

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With backing from his father and the party’s social liberal wing which formed the heart of a group dubbed “Renewal”, he led a revolt that pushed aside longstanding leader Didier Reynders, the finance minister who had just suffered an election defeat.

Charles Michel Charles Michel Source: NewIndianExpress

The hard-working Prime Minister Charles Michel has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million.Being the Prime Minister of Belgium we can say he is faithful toward his work and his determined to solve the problem of his country, not his own beneficial needs So his net worth or properties are unknown.