Experiencing everything for the first time has its perks as well as drawbacks. That being said, Sheree Zampino and Will Smith were married to each other for the first time.


They enjoyed each other’s companion for some year before getting a divorce in 1995. Zampino married the second time to Terrell Fletcher, a football player. So is she still married to her second husband or not? Read all here on Dodoodad.

Sheree Zampino Comes to Rescue Her Ex After Divorce

Sheree Zampino is an actress and producer and a businesswoman. But when she met Will, her former husband, Zampino was a young fashion design student. They tied the knot in 1991.

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After six months into their marriage, Shereen gave birth to their first son, Trey Smith on 11th November 1992. The first three years of marriage was well spent but the problem started when Smith could not give time to his wife.

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He was just in his initial years of acting career. Will Smith, as you might know, is a successful actor, comedian, producer, and rapper. Sheree finally decided to get a divorce in 1995.

[ CAPTION: Sheree Zampino with Will Smith ][ SOURCE: Hitberry ]

After their divorce, she got an invitation to play in the reality television series, Hollywood Exes, one of the perks, as mentioned being married to an established actor. She further kept herself busy by starting a skincare company, Sheree Elizabeth LLC

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Even after their divorce, Shereen is still close with her ex-husband, Will Smith. The interesting part, Sheree Zampino also stood by Will when Alexis Arquette spread the rumor of him being gay and that his marriage fell apart because his former wife found him in bed with another man, Hollywood manager Benny Medina to be exact.

Sheree proved to be a good mother and ex-wife by posting a video on her Facebook account. She reached this decision to address the rumor because of the fear that the rumor could damage their children.

In the video, Sheree cleared out the rumor about his sexuality. She said,

Will was straight in 1992 and he’s straight in 2016.

Shereen further explained that the reason for their split back in 1995.

It was not because of ‘infidelity’ but rather because she was ‘unhappy.’

Almost after a decade of their divorce, Zampino decided to give marriage a second try. This time she married an American football player, Terrell Fletcher. Fletcher played in National Football League for the San Diego Chargers.

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After seven years as a married woman, Sheree again split from her second husband in 2014.

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Guess marriage is not her thing. However, she became a mom for the second time during her marriage to Terrell. Sheree and Fletcher have a daughter, Jodie Fletcher.