As all of you are familiar with the name Allen Neal Jones, an American professional wrestler who is signed to WWE where he performs on the Smackdown is best known by the ring name A.J. Styles.


Well, being a popular celebrity A.J. Styles has millions of fans and people are willing to know about his Net Worth, Cars collection, houses, and more about him. So, let’s scroll down and stick with us.

A.J. Styles’s Net Worth, Life Style, Income, Earning

A.J. Styles started his professional career back in 1998 and is still active in the field. Moreover, it’s been nearly two decades that Styles started his career which makes people suspect that his net worth is high as hell.

You might be familiar with Styles’ professional career but how many you know him about his personal life including his married life, relationship, and dating life. 

But keeping Styles’ married or any relationship news besides, we will be talking about A. J. Styles’ net worth, sources of income, and career details.

[ CAPTION: A.J Styles ][ SOURCE: Wrestling examiner ]

A.J Styles’ net worth is estimated to be of $6 million. A.J. Styles is best known as a wrestler on the American version of the improvisational WWE series.

Styles made his official professional debut in 1988 as Mr. Olympia, as a masked wrestler and primarily fought with National Championship wrestling, which was based out of Georgia.

[ CAPTION: A.J. Styles ][ SOURCE: Gazette ]

In 2002, Styles debuted in Ring of Honor very shortly after the show began and he established himself as a major contender right off the bat, from where he remained with Ring of Honor for a good period of time for contending the title.

Regarding the information, A.J Styles source of income from WWE is for $2.4 million. Now, let’s scroll down to know about his Cars collection and house.

A.J Styles Cars and Houses Collection

Information regarding A.J. Styles, he is pretty interested in cars and bikes. He owns a stylish car, Porsche Cayenne which price is estimated to be for $82,900.

Moreover, he has Kia Optima which estimated price is $27,500 and also owns GMC Yukon SUV which costs around $57,660. He loves riding a Ford F-150 truck that costs around $27,380. Moreover, he has a bike, Suzuki Hayabusa of estimated price $14,599.

A.j Styles, Source; Youtube

Well, A.J. Styles own a beautiful residence in Gainesville, Georgia, the US which estimated price has not revealed yet. Sources also revealed that he is a dog lover.

Now, let’s talk about A.J. Styles total earning. Scroll, down.

A.J. Styles Total Earnings & Income

A.J. Styles is a member of the WWE roster, one must wonder about his current deal. According to former WCW announcer and wrestling blowhard, Mark Madden, Styles is set to make a “downside guarantee in excess of $500K.”

[ CAPTION: A.J Style ][ SOURCE: Pwmania ]

A.J. Styles contract is said to earn around $100K more than his monetary total of 2015 which now sheds light on Styles’ position within WWE. Samoa Joe was sent to NXT, so why not Styles?

As Styles is still active in the field, there is no doubt that his net worth will get higher in coming days.