Facts and information about the life of celebrities come out as a great deal for the fans and followers. Likewise, we all want to know more about Nicole Tuck. There are some facts and figures of the businesswoman; we want you to know about.


A businesswoman, a wife and a mother, Nicole Tuck’s life have been such a thing of mystery for Khaled’s fans. She had not even raised to fame before the birth of her son. After her son’s birth, she became famous overnight. So let’s get on with what we are going to talk about.

Top 5 Facts about Nicole Tuck you would want to know

Every personal and professional detail of some celebrity’s life is not given to their fans and followers. So, the fans always struggle to get info about their favorite superstar’s life.

We have searched some facts about Nicole Tuck in that perspective. So, we have compiled a list of 5 topics to help you in knowing your star more.

1. Nicole Tuck is married to DJ Khaled

The major thing of any celeb is their personal life. Who are they dating? When did they start their relationship? And, such other questions arise in the mind of fans. Likewise, everyone is curious about the private life of Nicole Tuck. So, what about her relationship status?

[ CAPTION: Nicole Tuck with her husband DJ Khaled ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

To answer every fan’s question, Nicole Tuck is married to Khaled Mohammed Khaled. The businesswoman is married to DJ Khaled. We don’t know the full details, but it has come to light that DJ Khaled and Nicole have been in a relationship even before 2013

[ CAPTION: DJ Khaled with wife Nicole Tuck ][ SOURCE: In Touch Weekly ]

The disk jockey created a controversy in 2013 when he proposed the female rapper, Nicki Minaj at MTV. However, Nicki later confirmed that it was just a publicity stunt to publicize his new song, I Wanna Be With You.

Then, the DJ revealed that it was just for having fun. Considering all things, Nicole did not feel bad about the proposal.

2. Nicole Tuck is the mother of DJ Khaled’s son

Fans want to all about their star’s life. If you follow a star and if she is married to someone, you would probably want to know if the couple has children. It is just a human nature so, no need to feel shy or anything. 

[ CAPTION: DJ Khaled with pregnant Nicole Tuck ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Getting back to the topic, Nicole Tuck has a son named Asahd Tuck Khaled. He saw the first light in the early hours on Sunday, October 23, 2016. On account of his birth, DJ Khaled told the reporters that his son is going to be a young superstar.

[ CAPTION: Asahd Tuck Khaled, son of DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The birth of their son was put up on the Snapchat by DJ Khaled. All of the delivery and entire labor was put up on the internet. To be able to show her delivery, it takes a lot of understanding and courage.

3. Owner of ABU Apparel

We all know that Nicole is a businesswoman but, what does she do? In what line is she in? The wife of DJ Khaled was the owner of the ABU Apparel. The ‘ABU’ of the business meant Always Be You. It was a small business in the clothing line.

[ CAPTION: ABU Apparel ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Her clothing line was endorsed by DJ Khaled. For the marketing of the clothing brand, Nicole had her husband wear them. The brand was modeled by both DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck. 

[ CAPTION: DJ Khaled in ABU Apparels ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Nicole thought that the business would continue to grow. However, it had to be closed down because of the business is not that profitable. Currently, the ABU Apparels is out of operation.

4. Educational Degrees

What do you think about the educational degrees of Nicole? How much do you think she has studied? Does she have any degree? With a great sense of humor, the businesswoman is seen to have a Master’s degree as we found out from her LinkedIn profile.

Nicole Tuck

Nicole has a Master’s degree from the Fordham University and a Bachelor’s degree from the Marymount Manhattan College.

We could only find out that she had such degrees but, we were unable to find out what she majored in. Whatever be the case, since Nicole is a skillful person in conducting her business, it seems that she is a major in Business Studies or Business Administration.

5. Philanthropist

Are you a bit interested in charity and volunteer work? Have you ever participated in such charity and volunteering events? Did you know that most of the celebs participate in the social works? Likewise, Nicole Tuck is also fully immersed in the social works in her free time.

[ CAPTION: Hope for Harvest ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Nicole is passionate about selflessness. The businesswoman is all about helping others. With her love for helping the ones in need, she is currently seen volunteering for the Hope for Harvest.

Hope for Harvest supports the families of the City of Charlotte North Carolina to advance with the use of cultural and charitable resources. 

[ CAPTION: Hope for Harvest ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The wife of the singer, DJ Khaled, is seen helping out the people of North Carolina through several volunteer and charity works. To be direct, Nicole is also one of the members of the Board of Directors in the Hope of Harvest organization.

[ CAPTION: Khaled family ][ SOURCE: The Source ]

To sum up the above points, first of all, Nicole Tuck is the wife of DJ Khaled and the mother of Asahd Tuck Khaled. Secondly, she is also a philanthropist who loves to help the people in need.

She is seen spending a huge amount of time for the betterment of society and evolving the community into a greater good. Thirdly, she is a well-educated woman with a Master’s degree. And, finally, she also had a clothing line ABU Apparel.

All points considered, the wife of DJ Khaled, is a patroness with a business mind and a love for her husband and child. What do you think about Nicole Tuck? Isn’t she a perfect woman?