Alexandrina Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Grate Bration and Ireland. She was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathern. The 18-year old, Victoria was crowned as monarch of the United Kingdom and Ireland in London Westminister Abbey on June 28. And became the longest reigning monarch in British History

So today we are back again to explore few facts about Queen Victoria. We bring you 5 facts you might not know about her. Just be with us to get more information.

Five Secrets Facts about Queen Victoria

One of the most iconic monarchs, Queen Victoria ruled for 63 years, seven months and two days. She was empress of the world’s largest empire and the longest-reigning queen. Here are the five interesting facts:

1. Victoria had an unhappy childhood

Victoria was born in May 1819 at Kensington Palace. And we are quite cleared about the facts that the palace is proven as a prison for the princesses and her childhood was just like hell.

Victoria as a child Victoria as a child, Source: GettyImages

She even did not know what a domestic life was. When she was just 8, her father died and she was always dominated by her mother. But when she became queen, she was able to make herself free from all the obstacles.

2. Victoria was almost 5 feet tall

Queen Victoria was no more than five feet. She grew to an impressive circumference. Some claims that she had a 50-inch waist. Let’s watch this video.

Youtube:  5 Secrets You Need to Know about Queen Victoria

3. Queen proposed to Prince Albert

When Victoria was just 16 she first met her future husband-Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. He was her first cousin, he was the son of her mother’s brother. Victoria enjoyed the company of Albert from the beginning and Leopold’s encouraged her to propose Albert.

Prince Albert and Queen Victoria Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, Source:

As Victoria was queen, Albert could not propose her and finally, Victoria proposed him on October 15, 1839. She wrote a diary named “Without him everything loses its interest”. 

4. Victoria spoke several languages

Due to her strict schooling under “Kensington System,” she proved herself as a remarkably adept linguist. She also spoke French, Italian and Latin.

Queen Victoria Queen Victoria, Source: daily Express

When she married her German cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the pair regularly spoke German together.

5. During Victoria’s reign, six serious assassination attempts were made against her

In 1840, Edward Oxford fired shots at Queen’s carriage when she was riding in London. Edward was just 18 but he was not guilty by the reason of insanity.

Shooting Victoria Shooting Victoria, Source:

In 1842, John Francis made not one but two attempts shoot to the Queen in her carriage. In the same year, John William Bean tried to fire a gun loaded with tobacco and paper at the queen.

Francis' attempted assassination of the Queen Francis’ attempted assassination of the Queen, Source: Sovereign Hill Education

During the year 1849 and 1850, two more carriage attack came. The first attack was made by William Hamilton and second attack by ex-Army officer Robert Pate.

And in 1882, a disgruntled poet- Roderick Maclean shot at Victoria with a pistol when she was leaving to Windsor train station. He was also found to be insane and sentenced to life in an asylum.

So, these were some facts about Queen Victoria hope you enjoy reading this.

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