Li Bingbing is a Chinese actress and a singer. In 1999, Bingbing rose to fame for her role in the movie, Seventeen Years. Bingbing has also starred in Hollywood movies including Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014).

Li Bingbing is currently dating boyfriend, Hsu Wen Nan. Are they planning to get married? Know all about Li Bingbing’s net worth, career, salary, early life, education, relationship, boyfriend, affairs, married life, and more.

Li Bingbing Early life and Education

A Chinese actress, as well as a singer, Li Bingbing was born on February 27, 1973, in Wuchang, Heilongjiang, China. Bingbing grew up along with her sibling sister, Li Xue who is a talent agent.

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However, she did not reveal any information about her parents. Bingbing completed her primary and high school education at the local school and graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Li Bingbing Early Career and Professional Career

Initially, Li Bingbing didn’t have an intention towards acting and mostly involved in prospective school teachers.

But after her graduation, she developed her interest towards acting and attended the Shanghai Theatre Academy after her friend pursued her to join. Bingbing made her movie debut through Spirit of Cops in 1994. Well, she hit the spotlight after her role in the 1999 movie Seventeen Years. 

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Later that, Bingbing appeared in numbers of movies as well as in television series including:


  • Cat and Mouse-2003
  • Purple Butterfly-2003
  • Silver Hawk-2004
  • A World Without Thieves-2004
  • Waiting Alone-2005
  • Fight for Love-2005
  • Dragon Squad-2005
  • The Knot-2006
  • The Forbidden Kingdom-2008
  • Linger-2008
  • The Message-2009
  • Triple Tap-2010
  • Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame-2010
  • Snow Flower and the Secret Fan-2011
  • 1911-2011
  • Resident Evil: Retribution-2012
  • 400 Boys-2012
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction-2014
  • Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal-2015

In 2018, Li Bingbing will be appearing in the movies including Guardians of the Tomb and Meg. 

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Television series

  • No Regrets-1995
  • Zhanguo Chuanqi-1996
  • Shang Yang Chuanqi-1997
  • Fengsheng Shuiqi-1997
  • Qinmi Airen-1998
  • Palace of Desire-1998
  • Da Fating-1998
  • The Nation Under The Foot-2000
  • Yiben Wuhui-2000
  • Young Justice Bao-2000
  • Ye Yatou-2001
  • Zheshan Tanhua-2001
  • Sky Lovers-2001
  • The Blue Lotus-2002
  • Romancing Hong Kong-2003
  • City of Sky-2004
  • Changjian Xiangsi-2004
  • Strange Tales of Liao Zhai-2004
  • Eight Heroes-2005
  • Huiniang Wanxin-2005
  • Zaisheng Yuan-2006


Bingbing has also won as well as been nominated for several awards such as 

  • Singapore International Film Festival-2000 winner
  • 12th Beijing Student Film Festival-2005 winner
  • 25th Golden Rooster Awards-2005 nominated
  • 28th Hundred Flowers Awards-2006 nominated
  • 14th Beijing Student Film Festival-2007 nominated
  • 11th Golden Phoenix Awards-2007 winner
  • 12th Huabiao Film Awards-2007 winner
  • 9th Changchun Film Festival-2008 nominated
  • 29th Hundred Flowers Awards-2008 winner
  • 46th Golden Horse Awards-2009 winner
  • 4th Asian Film Awards-2010 nominated
  • 3rd Iron Film Awards-2010 nominated
  • 10th Chinese Film Media Awards-2010 winner
  • CineAsia 2011-2011 winner
  • 31st Hundred Flowers Awards-2012 nominated
  • 9th Huading Awards-2013 nominated
  • 3rd China International Film Festival London-2015 winner

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Li Bingbing Personal Life and Relationship

As being such a talented and renowned actress as well as a singer, Li Bingbing is able to win hearts of many people by her incredible acting skills and impressive looks. However, Bingbing is not married yet. But she is currently dating 27 years old, Hsu Wen Nan who is a senior manager at an investment company.

They are happily enjoying their love life but none of them has mentioned anything about getting married or engaged. Hope they keep loving each other in the same way and soon gets married.

Li Bingbing Net worth

Li Bingbing collects a decent amount of money from her acting career. Furthermore, she also adds money by her singing career. Till the date, Bingbing has starred in several movies and television series. As of 2017, her estimated net worth is $80 million.

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Li Bingbing purchased the Brentwood home for $2.43 million in 2013 and its current worth is $2.98 million. The actress is living a lavish life, her Instagram profile is filled with her expensive wardrobe.