Louis Szekely who is popularly known as Louis C.K. is a famed comedian as well as an actor who has been accused of sexual abuse by five women to date. Speaking of Szekely’s personal life, he was previously married to Alix Bailey.


Louis Szekely is an American writer, editor, and producer. On the other hand, Alix Bailey is popularly known as an actress. The couple were together for 13 years and together had two children. Scroll down:

Louis C.K Married Alix Bailey

As C.K and Bailey started hanging out way back earlier around the start of the 1990s, it is not clearly mentioned anywhere about when they started dating.

The couple tied the knot in 1995. Various sources suggest that the couple met before Louis’s career started to hike. The duo even has two daughters together; Kitty (2002) and Mary Louise (2005).

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The couple kept their personal life secret for several years. As some sources claim that the couple was together even before Louis was famous, it is obvious how close they were to each other.

These days there are so many cases of people dating celebrities for fame or money or anything besides love. But for Louis and Alix, it was not so. They surely were deeply in love and seems like they had been dating a long time before their marriage.

Louis and Alix’s divorce

Sadly the prosperous 13 years of marriage ended in 2008 and entered a joint custody agreement. After his divorce, Louis started dating a much younger woman, Sarah Silverman but he quickly got tired of it.

Again after years, in 2015, Louis was spotted walking arm in arm with another woman, Pamela Aldon.

YouTube: Louis CK Divorce it’s a Freedom A call from the White House

Once, Louis told a magazine that,

I couldn’t talk about the woman I was divorced from. She deserves her privacy. I focused on the kids, and they saved my life. I thought, Everything’s based on them now.

In the interview, it was revealed that he loves his children more than anything else. However, he didn’t seem to reveal much about their divorce or the reasons behind their divorce. All he said was they just suddenly stopped making one other happy.