Malina Moye, the acclaimed vocalist, songwriter and is known for being one of the top women guitarists in the world. Moye is popularly known for being the very first left-handed female guitarist.

The legendary left-handed female guitarist is currently dating her boyfriend, Marc Fusco. Malina Moye was shortlisted for Two Los Angeles Music Awards in 2005. In 2018 she released her new album entitled, Bad As I Wanna Be. To know all about Malina and her education, family, marriage, early life, career, married life, divorce, children, affairs, net worth, couple, salary, award, parents, mother, father, cars, houses, bikes, lifestyle, relationship; keep reading.

Malina Early life and education

Born on August 20, 1984, in Cleveland, Ohio, Malina was heavily into music since her early age. Born to father, George Moye, who plays bass, and mother who was backup vocal for Tina Turner is of African American ethnicity. Moye and her mother used to perform as backup vocal for Tina Turner. Malina has three siblings.

Moye has been known to play guitar, jamming to her favorite songs and even writing her own songs from the tender age of nine. Born in a family of music enthusiasts.

Malina Career

Malina Moye’s professional career began at a young age of 12 when she hit the stage and started to perform skillfully in the position of the lead vocalist for her family’s band R&B group Les Moye Ice.

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With the help of Malina Moye’s charismatic and seductive voice, the band, R&B group Les Moye Ice, reached to its new unimaginable heights. The group, after Moye’s appearance, played for over 1,000 club dates all over the globe. R&B group Les Moye Ice also won numerous competitions of national and international standings.

The American singer, Moye; known for infusing various genres like contemporary R&B ballads and blues-infused hard rock, pop rock, neo-soul, and funk, co-founded the WCE label. The WCE label serves as an outlet for Moye’s musical recordings.

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In 2003, Malina Moye released her first single Girlfriend and marketed her calendar Spend 12 Months With Malina Moye: Hot Fun in California Sun along with it.

She started to come to the attention of famous critics after releasing of Girlfriend. Following spectacular reviews of her first single, Moye released her second single title, Alone in 2004. Alone secured the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Top 100 Singles at number 10 and stayed on the tables for 32 uninterrupted weeks.

Moye released her very first album Rock & Roll Baby in 2014 followed by her widely popular more singer, K-yotic in 2013. Her most prolific year, 2014, Moye released another single, A Little Rough.

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Malina Moye was shortlisted for 2 Los Angeles Music Awards in 2005. She secured the win for Best RnB music video of the year and was also designated for best independent RnB artist of the year.
Moye has recently on March 23rd, 2018 released her new album entitled, Bad As I Wanna Be.

Moye Personal life

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Moye told that she was determined to become a singer since her very early age. She was so confident of her success that she used to tell her classmates that she was going to be a very famous singer and she used to sign autographs to her fellow classmates.

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And a fellow classmate from her third grade recently connected to her via. Facebook and showed Malina the autograph she had given her friend.

Malina is dating her long-term boyfriend, Marc Fusco. The couple seems to be very in love with each other.

Malina Moye Net Worth

Even though no official announcement of Moye’s income or salary has been made, it has been estimated that her net worth is approximately about $11294627 USD.

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Moye was given the position of UK Ambassador to the Princes Trust. Winner of several awards, Malina must be earing a huge amount of money. She also has a collection of several expensive instruments.