The Isreal-born Jewish woman, Mor Toledano, most commonly referred to as Mor Shapiro, has been in a marital relationship with her husband, Ben Shapiro from a very long time.


Today, we are going to talk about the common lady, who only came to fame through her husband’s career. We will discuss the love life of the wife of Ben, Mor Shapiro. Also, get to know about their children, married life, affairs, relationship, divorce rumors, and more. Keep Scrolling!!!! 

Wife Mor Shapiro and Husband Ben Shapiro Married Life

The about-to-be doctor, Mor Toledano changed her caste to Shapiro by binding an unbreakable know with Ben Shapiro on the 8th July 2008 in Akko, a town some 80 miles north of Jerusalem, Israel. But, before tying the knot, the couple were thought to be dating for only four months. 

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According to a tabloid source, it is reported that Mor was the first lady to get married in her class (she is still studying to become a doctor). If you are confused about how the couple met then, they met through a set-up. Yes, you heard it right!

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Ben’s younger sister set him up with Mor. Mor was hesitant at first but, love finds its way anyhow. In an interview, Toledano confirmed that it was a quick decision but, when you know that it was right then it was! Toledano was just 21 years’ old when she got married. 

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While talking about Ben, Mor said that he is very understanding and selfless as he has always supported her in her studies and her personal problems. It was a mere coincident that Ben was also orthodox because, for Mor, it’s a lifestyle rather than just beliefs. 

Currently, they live in Los Angeles where Mor is still completing her study of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. 

Mor Shapiro and Ben Shapiro: Children

The Orthodox couple, Mor and Ben Shapiro have a total of two children, a daughter, and a son. Their firstborn was a girl and she was born at 6.19 P.M. on 5th Feb 2014. The child was born 7-pound, 9-ounce, 21-inch. She was named Leeya Eliana. 

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The couple was happy to give birth to a baby girl but, they were struck by a sad news as she was born-sick. She was born with a congenital heart disease known as the Atrial Septal Defect. So, she had to go through an open-heart surgery at the Children’s Hospital in LA. 

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Later, the couple gave birth to a healthy baby boy, as he was born on the 7th May 2016 at 10.30 in the morning. As for their second child, he was born healthy. 

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Looking at the whole picture, it seems as if the couple has a really nice life with both partners supporting each other.