Quick Facts Marny Stanier

  • NameMarny Stanier
  • Birth NameMarny Stanier Midkiff
  • NationalityAmerican
  • ProfessionMeteorologist anchor
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • TV Showweather forecast

Introduction, Early Life and Education

Marny Stanier who is known as one of the top ten meteorologist anchors of the early 2000s.She was born on April 8, 1962. She is an American citizen. Her full name is Marny Stanier Midkiff. She didn’t have that much education qualification as in the past there used to very few people who were educated highly and have vast knowledge. Even though she had less education she had fluency in her language with high confidence and a charming appearance.


As the meteorologist field or the weather, the forecaster job is to attract viewers so that they only view their channel and the channel gets high popularity and promotions. Even though she was very talented enthusiastic but she was quite old and there were other young, meteorologists in the market seeking a job. So to hire young meteorologists many staff were being fired by weather forecasting companies in which the weather channel was also one of them.

As at that time she was also in her early forties so the company decided to fire her but that made controversy and she was being highlighted as she was also fired from the weather channel. She worked in the weather channel from April of 1987 to November of 2003. She was then fired at the end of 2003. Later in the middle of 2006, she filed a discrimination case on the weather channel. As the weather channel has got a lot of reputation and brand image.so they paid a huge amount of money to her to withdraw the case. After that, she became a real estate agent. Taking about her physical structure, she was a cheerful person.

Personal Information

She has brown hair with small brown eyes. In her younger days, she used to loon hot, sexy, and bold but now as she is old her charming look also has gone with her old. In addition, taking about her popularity she was popular in between 1987-2003 and her popularity went down till 2006 and then she was very popular and famous among popular due to the controversy.

Even now when people remember her they remember her due to the controversy and case that she filed to the weather channel. Despite the argument with the weather channel she now also says she misses her days in the company as a weather forecaster. Furthermore, she wanted to become a weather forecaster from her childhood. In childhood also she used to view weather forecast in the TV. This shows how strong determination and passion she had to the sector.

Other Facts

She was also good at shooting videos and pictures that’s why she was a member of Vimeo, the home for high-quality videos and also she was good at cooking so she also used to run programs like the eating segment where she used to teach how to cook different recipes and variety of foods with quality and taste. This is the reason why people at that time liked her. Now also her cooking videos and weather forecast videos can be easily found on YouTube.