Martha MacCallum, a successful news anchor for the Fox News Channel who is the highest paid employee of Fox news. Besides this, she also has achieved success in her personal life. She is living a happy married life with her husband Daniel John Gregory and three children.


Martha MacCallum married her long-term boyfriend Daniel and are still together. But the couple was surrounded by divorce rumors a year before. So, do you want to know more about their married life, affair and about their divorce rumor? Yes, then let’s get started.

Martha MacCallum and Husband Daniel divorce rumors

About a year ago, the rumor arose that MacCallum was having a love affair with her co-worker Bill Hemmer. Although the rumor was not verified, this affair news made her married life endanger.

[ CAPTION: Fox News Reporter Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum ][ SOURCE: Fox Insider ]

Martha’s fans were sure that she would divorce her husband Daniel. But it did not happen as it was expected, Martha and her husband, Daniel did not leave each other’s hand.

Wife Martha was able to clear out all the rumor of their divorce rumor. But how, do you want to know? Let’s read this.

Martha MacCallum cleared all the divorce-related rumor

Anchor Martha and her husband faced lots of problems due to the rumors but did not split apart from each other. While the rumors of the couple’s divorce were all over the media, she cleared all the rumors when she changed her Twitter description. 

Her cleverness clears all her divorce-related problems. So don’t you think that her husband was really supportive of that time? Obviously yes, hats off to him. She is very lucky to get that man in her life.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum and Daniel Gregory ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Aren’t you interested to know more about their love affair and also about their married life? Let’s get into it.

Martha MacCallum and Daniel Gregory Love affair

Martha MacCallum is very attentive towards her personal life. She was linked to many affair related rumor but she gets the ride from all those rumors when she was married to her long-term boyfriend Daniel Gregory in 1992.

Martha and Daniel started dating when they met each other by a common friend in 1991 and after dating for a year they decided to tie the knot. So, the husband and wife tied a knot on 22nd August 1992.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum with her husband Daniel Gregory ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

They tied the knot in front of their close friends and family at the St. Elizabeth’s Church which is situated in Wycoff, New Jersey.

Between 27 years of their marriage, the couple is blessed with three kids. Let’s know about their children.

Martha and Daniel are now responsible parents

Martha and Daniel have altogether three children. In 1996 she was pregnant for the first time and give birth to a daughter and they named her Elizabeth Bowes Gregor. After her first daughter in 1999, they welcomed their second son and named him as Harry MacCallum Georgory.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum with her kids ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

It is not the end, she was again pregnant in 2001 and gave birth to their third son Edward Reed Gregory. The family is living happily in Summit, New Jersey.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum and Daniel with their kids ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Martha is happy with her husband and we all hope that they will be a loving couple forever.