Hailed as the King of Marvel Comics, Stanley Martin Lieber, AKA, Stan Lee is the creator of the vast Marvel Universe. But the husband of Joan B. Lee, the 95 years old author has landed himself in a big controversy.


Stan is the creator of Avengers, Black Panther, Abomination, Alpha Dog, Deadpool, Beast and many other Marvel superheroes. Such a legendary writer and producer is accused of sexual assault. Let’s know what’s all the fuzz about and also know all about his wife, married life, children, relationship and all. Keep Scrolling.

Stan Lee Accused of  Sexual Harassment

The 95-year-old author has the burden of an entire universe to carry plus age betrays bones and body. Stan is known to frequent to massage places to slacken his stress and probably also to reprieve himself from his aching bones.

[ CAPTION: Stan at a convention ][ SOURCE: the sun ]

However, what we thought to be as harmless massage session took a darker turn on Monday as he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Stan is known to stay at the McCormick Place Hyatt whenever he is in Chicago. Likewise, the comic mogul was staying at the Hyatt to attend an annual comic book exhibition C2E2 last April. Stan ordered a massage therapist in his suite.

Maria Carballo was sent to look after Stan’s message “needs”. Carballo was then an independent contractor for the Therapy Professionals. But, Stan seemed to be in an entirely different temperament and had something more to his disposition than a simple massage- Allegedly.

Instagram: Stan Lee autographing a Groot portrait;

Maria in October 2017, filed a police complaint at the CPD stating Stan’s inappropriate and unprofessional behavior on the massage table. Wait!! The sour details of Stan’s lamentable behavior don’t end here.

Maria has charged Lee with 5 counts! Amounting the reparation money to $50,000 USD.

Maria states that for the first time, during their session Stan fondled himself and moaned also he caught her hand and brought them to his genitals, urging the masseur to leave promptly. Later, she says that Stan apologized through his manager to her company and was invited to a second massage.

Instagram: Stan Lee’s comic sketch;

Gullible Maria went to Lee’s suite again but only to face more horror that was in store for her. During their second session, Maria chose to employ a different technique where massaged is done by feet. But Stan again showed derogatory behavior by catching the masseur’s feet and bringing them near to his genitals he was caressing.

When asked why she came forward so late to accuse him, Maria states that she was overwhelmed and intimidated by Stan Lee’s standing and was fearful of the damages that her career might face due to the accusations.  However, she gained confidence in the #Metoo and #timesup movement that is going on.

Naturally, Stan is denying any allegations of the sexual misdemeanor. 

Stan Lee’s marriage and children

Despite the recent grave accusations Lee is facing, Stan seemed to have a very clean record with his late wife, Joan Clayton Boocock. The couple got married on 5th December 1974 and their relationship remained strong till death separated his wife from him.

[ CAPTION: Stan with his late wife ][ SOURCE: popsugar.com ]

Tragedy struck Stan after the birth of his second daughter, Jan Lee, who died just in three short days after she came into the world. Stan’s first daughter was born in 1950, she is named Joan Celia.

On 6th July 2017 Stan received the news of the death of his spouse, who died due to stroke. He has no any known affairs. 

[ CAPTION: Stan Lee with his daughter JC ][ SOURCE: StarsInformer ]

Maybe gone senile by old age or maybe he was deep into heartbreak from his wife’s death or it’s in Lee’s nature to do so is not known, we will learn about his flawed character when the court unearths evidence against him. Till more evidence is surfaced remain connected to doododad.com for more information.