Being a comedian and making the world laugh all the time is a difficult thing. Although they make other people happy, their problems are hidden in the world. Today we are going to talk about stand up comedian, Steve Harvey and why he got a divorce with his wife, Mary Lee.


What is the reason for their divorce? Is it because of the extramarital affairs of Steve Harvey? Who is taking care of their child? Stay on our page to know more about Steve Harvey and Mary Harvey’s divorce and other complications.

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey Divorce

After being together for the 17 years, Mary Lee and comedian Steve Harvey divorced in 2005. The couple tied the knot in 1996. More than 200 guests came to celebrate their wedding ceremony including famous Hollywood celebrities.

[ CAPTION: Mary Lee with his ex-husband Steve Harvey ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Mary and Steve met each other in Arlington, Texas in 1989 when Steven was there for a comedy show and after a few months of meeting each other, they started dating. After dating each other for seven years the couple got married. In 1997, the couple was blessed with a son, Wynton Harvey.

[ CAPTION: Steven Harvey and Mary Lee ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Although the couple was in a romantic relationship, the couple got divorced. But it was heard that the divorce took place because of an extramarital affair with Steve Harvey.

Another reason for their separation is not disclosed. Mary Lee got 3 of Steve’s homes and $40,000 per month till 2009 as per the separation contract.

Mary Lee and Steve Harvey: Children and Custody Battle

After a year of marriage, the couple conceived a son and named him Wynton. Wynton is in custody of his father Steve Harvey after the divorce of their parents. As his parents fought for his custody, father Steve won the battle and took him under his shadow.

[ CAPTION: Wynton with his brother and father ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Wynton also looks happy with his father and his step-cousins and also seems to look happy with his step-mom, Marjorie Harvey.

Marjorie and Steve tied their lives together in 2007. It is also heard that Steve’s bodyguard told him that the American socialite was the perfect choice for him and now, they have been living together happily since then.

[ CAPTION: Wynton with his step-mom Marjorie Harvey ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Even though the couple had ups and down in their private lives, we are unknown about the current activities of Mary Lee as she is not seen in the media. We are also unknown about her affairs or her personal lives. Hope she has also moved on her life as Steve and living a happy life ahead.