Not all sportscaster are smart and beautiful, not to mention sports enthusiast. But MLB host and reporter Heidi Watney is different. She is smart, sexy and known for her passion for work. What more?


Heidi Watney is a National Merit Scholar and landed first runner-up in a beauty pageant and there’s more. Let’s know if the gorgeous sportscast, Heidi Watney is taken or not? 

Heidi Watney got married to Mike Wickham

When you work in a field that revolves around athletes, you are bound to get involved with one of them. Heidi Watney as fate would have it, married an athlete, Mike Wickham.

[ CAPTION: Heidi Watney got married to Mike Wickham ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The 5.10″ tall reporter tied the knot with her hubby back on 31st December 2014, in Edgewater, New Jersey. Mike Wickham previously worked as a baseball executive and is now a prominent figure in MLB network.

[ CAPTION: Heidi Watney got married to Mike Wickham ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

As no celebrity can escape from the scandals and affair rumors, similarly Heidi was also linked to several athletes before Mike Wickham. Heidi is by no means less than a celeb in the world of sports journalism with more than 47k Instagram followers.


Thank you @nicolemillernyc for the GORGEOUS dress and shoes for the #MLB #AllStarGame #RedCarpet. ??????????

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The 36-year-old reporter for the MLB Network’s show Quick Pitch was first linked to a married man, Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. But the rumors turned out to be false as Varitek married Catherine Panagiotopoulos after his divorce in 2008.

The second time, Heidi was said to be in relationship with Nick Green, a Boston Red Sox player again but it was never confirmed. The sideline reporter, however, put an end to all rumors when she married in 2014.

[ CAPTION: Heidi Watney got married to Mike Wickham ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple is very much in love and it’s been three years since their marriage. So have they got any kids? According to the media, Heidi Watney and her husband do not share any children. But her Instagram posts suggested otherwise.

If you see pictures you would get confused as if she had deliberately put those pictures to puzzle us. Look for yourself.

[ CAPTION: Heidi Watney ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Heidi Watney ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Heidi seems to have fun testing people. Here’s another one.

[ CAPTION: Heidi Watney ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

But it turned out the twins were actually of her cousin.

For now, Heidi and her husband seem to be still in their honeymoon phase as they vacate in the world’s romantic place, Italy.

[ CAPTION: Heidi Watney and Mike Wickham ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Heidi Watney possibly is focusing on her career. It seems so for the time being. So there’s no way telling when the hot podcaster will decide to get pregnant except time. Time will only tell.