Renown Swedish-born screen actor who is mainly known for portraying a role as Jorge in the crime-drama film, Easy Money is none other than Matias Varela. Similarly, he is also recognized for his work on the television series, The Borgias, Covert, and Narcos.

Matias Early Life and Education

Louis Matias Karl Padin Varela was born on June 23, 1980, in Stockholm and grew up in Sodermalim, on the south side of Stockholm. During his time in school, he met a son of internationally noted Swedish actor, Gustaf Skarsgard. With the aid of him, Matias was able to join the acting school. And that helped him to enroll into the world of film industry.

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Matias Career

Handsome, Matis first began his acting career in the soap opera Nya tider. After a brief appearance, he then worked as a construction worker with a small acting job. With a passion for acting, he kept looking for the different film production company. While, his struggle finally paid off as he was landed a role of the Swedish-Chilean drug dealer Jorge Salinas in crime-drama film, Easy Money.

His role Jorge became the eye of the public at the short period of time. Afterward, he went to star in its both sequels, Easy Money II: Hard to Kill and Easy Money III: Life Deluxe. Consecutively, Matias then made an appearance in big budget television series, Arne Dahl.

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Matias became to gain fame internationally after appearing in the television series, Covert Affairs as a Basque terrorist. Similarly, he also worked in several episodes of Showtime’s The Borgias in the part of Ferdinand II of Naples. So far, he has appeared in many television series till the date. Currently, he starred the head of security for the Colombian actor, Cali Cartel as Jorge Salcedo in season 3 of the Netflix series, Narcos.

Matias Personal Life

When talking about the personal life of this talented Swedish actor, he seems like a married man. However, he has kept every information of his family under a radar. He often shares photos on his Instagram account with a beautiful woman whose name is still unknown.

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They also have a child from their relationship which became public after they posted a photo of him.

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The couple seems to be living a lavish and happy life styles. So far, Matias has also maintained good relation with her wife. As of now, there is no any such rumors or news about his extra affair and neither he has involved in it.

Matias Net Worth

Hardworking and talented Matias makes a decent amount of money from his acting professions. As of 2017, his net worth is under review but seeing his personality, he might be earning money in thousands of dollars.