Melissa Womer represents herself as a television/ theater/ improv actress, writer, and producer. Her original name is Melissa Jaine Womer.


Melissa is known for her roles in motion pictures such as Petrocelli (1974), Real Stories of the Donut Men (1997), Man on the Moon (1999) and “The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin (2004). She is also popularly known by the nickname “Comedy Store Waitress”. She is called “Comedy Club Waitress” because she was once working as a waitress at the world famous “Comedy Store” located on Sunset Boulevard. Mellisa started her career as a comedian from the Comedy Store.

Unstable Upbringing and Career

Melissa didn’t enjoy a stable upbringing. She grew up in Kansas juggling her life in a dysfunctional family. She later got enrolled in The University of Kansas. During her university days, she additionally wrote jokes for the morning radio show at Q104 in Kansas City the morning radio show at Q104 in Kansas City.

Tailing her graduation, she went to Hollywood hoping to make a name for herself. She then landed a cocktail waitress stint at the Sunset Boulevard located Comedy Store. Later, she enjoyed her first open mic night at the Comedy Store.

She was a favorite character of some comics at the Comedy Store. The comics encouraged Melissa to transfer her writing skills to the stage of the Comedy Store. Later, she experienced her big break on BET’s Socially Offensive Behavior alongside D.L. Hughley. Since then she has never looked back.

Relationships with Jim Carrey

She became a huge news in Hollywood after she got associated with then struggling actor Jim Carrey, who now represents himself as a renowned impressionist, producer, screenwriter, a comedian and an actor. He is a Canadian and an American citizen.

Melissa was the first lady in the actor’s life as a wife. When they met initially at the Comedy Store, they instantly bonded with one another. Melissa and Jim started dating in 1986. They tied the knot on March 28th, 1987.

Thier fable marriage ended in 1995 after their seven years of togetherness. They allegedly divorce because of respective busy career. Jim was the one who initiated the divorce. Jim reportedly divorced Melissa to be with Hollywood hottie Lauren Holly.

Melissa demanded around $5 million to $10million to settle their divorce whereas she only received 3.5 million dollars settlement including ten thousand dollars/ month for child support and the temporary alimony. Eight years later, Melissa refiled demanding more money to sustain their daughter hi-fi lifestyle. Reports have it that their final settlement reached to the hefty amount of 7 million US dollars.

Jim and Melissa remained together from March 28, 1987, to December 11, 1995. Melissa and Jim’s daughter Jane was named Jane Erin Carrey at birth. She was born on 6th September 6, 1987.

Jane and  Alex Santana got married in 2009. Jane and Alex have a child named Jackson Riley. Jane and Alex reportedly separated in 2011 after Jane filed for the divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Current life and presence in social media

After her separation with Jim Carrey, Melissa has somewhat disappeared. Her relationship status remains hidden, and her relationship stories have vanished after her last stories with Jim Carrey. Till date, there is no any official account in her name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.