Yulema Ramirez brief bio

Out of the many examples, Yulema is one of the successful stars of the internet, who has been successful in winning the heart of millions of people with her extraordinary talent and beautiful mesmerizing smile. Born in the year 1997, September 12 in California, she is best known for her nicknames such as Yuleema Imaginee and babygirl Yulee. The young and gorgeous Yulema represent herself as Musical 1y Star, Dub video queen and YouTuber by her profession. Coming from the normal family background and showcasing her talent with the help of the internet, she has successfully made more than 2.2 million fans on her YouTube channel and several million views on her channel.

Early Life and Career

Yulema, who was born in Mexico, represents herself as Mexican-American nationality. Yulema has the Mexican descent from her parent’s side and has the record of raising up in California. Growing up with three brothers and three sisters, she currently resides in Palmdale, California. Though there is no proper account of her involvement in Dub, Vine, and YouTube career, in today’s phase she is famous all over the internet. She has 2.2 million fans on her babygirl Yulee account and has more than the 350k subscriber in her social platforms. The beauty queen has some videos in her channel which demonstrate the capacity of being sensational persona in late future.Though she is all over the internet these days, there are other guys as well who has been pretty serious in this kind of things. Well, Yulema is having tough competition with Elizabeth Koshy, Loren Gray Beech, Baby Ariel, Hannah made Dugmore and much more. But it is another fact that they will rock the internet for the long period.
Yulema Ramirez height, age, weight and body facts

Words are simply less to describe Yulema intense beauty. Yulema, who is currently running on her sweet teenage days, is all over the internet. And there is no doubt that she will turn into one fine lady someday. The gorgeous beauty body facts have been well hidden from the media, as she loves to keep her life pretty private. However assuming her height, we can simply guess that she might have the height of around 5 feet 5 inch and might weight around 40kg. Since she is still growing up, there is an unyielding chance for this fragile beauty to change her body figure facts.

Personal life

The sexy and hot Yulema is still growing up, but there is no doubt that she has already been proposed by some men in her life. Yulema, who is career oriented and has sharp focus mind towards her path, has no news of her in involving in a relationship in the past and in the current time. Though the fancy teenage might have engaged herself in a relationship, this kind of news has been well hidden from the internet. The fine beauty will surely rock the internet with her relationship goals in the future, but for the current time, it’s all secret.