Carpool Karaoke is a recurring segment on The Late Late Show and Miley finally took a seat next to James Corden in his trusty car tonight and together. They created beautiful harmonies on Miley’s biggest hits.


They belted- We Can’t Stop,  The Climb, Party in the U.S.A., Younger Now, Wrecking Ball, and Malibu.

Youtube: Miley Cyrus Carpool Karaoke;

But the car ride was about a way more than singing just because Miley took a minute to reflect on her driving skill, crying skill and said that how high scale she was at various times in her life.

Just take an example:  Miley was a zero during her infamous 2013 VMA performance because she gets to scared to smoke before shows.

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Is Miley a Terrible Driver?

Yes, Miley is a terrible driver. Because she revealed herself that she is a terrible driver on the set of The Voice. She shared:

“I once backed my car into some stairs on the sound trailer, breaking the sound trailer and shattering her back windshield, “but I didn’t tell anyone, I just left. So I did a hit and run.”

And this defines how terrible driver she is. Don’t you think so?

[ CAPTION: Miley Cyrus ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Miley took a moment to reflect on those twerk-filled VMA performances and said that they made her the activist she is today. She said:

“I realized if that many people were going to talk about something that I did, or something that I do, then I should make it a good thing, and I should make it something that can change people’s lives rather than be a controversial conversation that does nothing but become a fun Halloween costume for people.” 

She added: “I think there was something when I first, you know, kind of stopped doing Hannah Montana…saying I’m not that, I want you to know who I really am, but I love that was me and is me and is a part of me.”

Corden joked and said: “See, I thought you were just going to say, ‘I’ve stopped smoking weed”.

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