Making a kiss in public is a common thing for lovebirds but making boyfriend and girlfriend at a very young age and sharing a lip lock sounds a bit strange. Isn’t it? Actress, Millie Bobby Brown who is just in her early teenage shared a lip-lock with her boyfriend, Jacob Sartorius on the beach.

The 14 years’ English actress cum model, Millie Bobby Brown who has already won the Primetime Emmy Award for her appearance in the drama series Stranger Things, was in a love affair with singer Jacob Sartorius. She has recently come to the limelight after sharing the picture on her social media platform in which she has kissed her boyfriend. So, get to know every detail here on our page.

Millie Kisses Her Boyfriend, Ariana Grande Comments

The Stranger Things actress, Millie Bobby Brown was spotted kissing her boyfriend Jacob Sartorius on some secluded beach. She is making sure that she is already taken as she stood atop a lifesaver’s perch and kissed her boyfriend

[ CAPTION: Millie Bobby Brown sharing a kiss with boyfriend, Jacob ][ SOURCE: Instagram page of commentsbycelebs]

Although the original picture has been removed, the above picture still roams on the internet. The actress captioned the shot saying Moonlight with him! The post was also seen by the famed singer Ariana Grande as she stated there that she wasn’t even allowed to leave her house until she was 20. 

[ CAPTION: Millie Bobby Brown with boyfriend, Jacob ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius’ Love Story

Starting from the beginning of the love story, the actress, and her singer boyfriend dating rumors sparked in October 2017, when Millie posted a picture of Jacob on her Instagram story. After few months of their rumored relationship, Millie posted a picture of her cuddling the teddy bear with a caption stating “Thanks for the bear” and Jacob replied on it saying “Of course” has made their fans to think more about their relationship more.

[ CAPTION: Millie Bobby Brown cuddling with teddy bear ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

All the curiosity regarding their relationship was cleared on 14th February (Valentine Day) when Milla tweeted the post wishing Valentine’s day to Jacob Sartorius.

[ CAPTION: Millie Bobby Brown wishing valentine day to boyfriend, ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

And just a week later, Jacob wished Millie on her birthday with a sweet caption “Happy birthday to this beautiful girl” showing his love for her. He has also stated that she will have a great year ahead and he is very eager to meet her. Moreover, he has also requested everyone to wish her.

[ CAPTION: Millie Bobby Brown with boyfriend, Jacob ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

These days the couple is very open about their relationship. If we go through their social media post we can see several pictures of them showing love toward each other. Hope the young couple will be able to continue and handle their love forever.