Octavius J. Johnson, an American actor, singer, and musician, best known for his role in the Showtime's drama, “Ray Donovan," is regarded as one of the emerging talents in the industry.

Life Changing experience

Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, United States of America, Octavius discovered his passion for acting after he assumed a small role in the HBO television series “The Wire.”

 Octavius’  has not discussed his childhood recollections anywhere, so there is no data about where he spent his adolescence days and where he finished his schooling. His family background likewise has not been revealed yet, and even his date of birth is obscure. With his diligent work and devotion, he has garnered both name and fame as a brilliant star in Hollywood.

After is appearance in HBO series, the life changing experience was cultivated in him, which made him an excellent teen actor.Today, he is considered as one of the substantially capable, persevering and committed individuals in the business. With his improving acting craft and sound musical sense, he has been able to show his strong presence in the acting world. Numerous big names have credited the talented young actor and singer in Hollywood and Hollywood can expect significantly more broad work from the future star.


Acting since an early age, the young actor has made numerous appearances in various reputed television series. He made his first television appearances in tv-series "Make It Happen (2009)", where he played the role of a school kid. Since then he has never looked back.

In 2010, he showed up in Diary of an Ex-Child Star, where he played the role of Ryan. Similarly, his other appearances include Drainpipe Dreams (2011) as Michael, Four Sundays in Spring (2012) as Prom King, Coldwater (2013) as Jonas Williams, Intelligence (2014) as Troy Ricksen, Ray Donovan (2013-2014) as Marvin Gaye Washington, Scorpion (2015) as Nate and NCIS (2015) as Gary.

Recently in 2016, he portrayed the role of Max in tv-series 59 Seconds. Moreover, his notable 2016's characters include Elliot Bergom in American drama The Wildling. Importantly, his upcoming movies Sable and Sleepless Night are expected to earn rave reviews in 2016.

Personal Life

His personal life remains hidden from the tabloids. Till date, there is no information about his married life, children, and relationship.

He is a dynamic client of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On  Facebook, he has uploaded a cover picture with a young girl, who may be his sweetheart yet he has not uncovered about what sort of relationship they have. More data on this capable on-screen character can found on IMDB.