Quick Facts Pat Ciarrocchi

Among the list of world renowned journalist, Pat Ciarrocchi has its own space and contribution who has made the world media even trustworthy and remarkable. Having the working history in famous other organization, Pat is the multiple Emmy awards winner. Born in the year 1952, July 2 in the place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the pioneer journalist was included in Philadelphia Hall of fame in the year 2000. Pat who has spent several decades improving the journalism field has an influential biography, she can be taken as one of the motivational examples for the newcomers who want to follow the path of journalism.


Born, raised and grown in the Philadelphia itself, Pat Ciarrocchi attended Padua Academy and graduated from Rosemont College. Though she has maintained high secrecy about herself and about her childhood history, however, we can surely assume that she must have been very keen in journalism and news reading from the very early age. The hardworking and determined Pat began her career from WHAG-TV, though it was a pretty small network of Hagerstown but we must say it was a great start for her.

After spending three years’ time in the network she joined KYW-TV and started to work as co-anchor. The big step in her bio came when she decided to join the CBS 3 back in the year 1982. She came into light from the Evening Magazine show which she hosted from the year 1991 to 1992 for which she travelled many countries including great Britain and Israel. During the time in her life, she has also served as the medical reporter for five crucial years and was regarded as one of the talented overseas correspondents.

During her crucial time in Channel 3, she has covered a number of influential news including St. Katherine Drexel canonization in the year 200, Pope John Paul II funeral in 2005, Pope Benedict XIV resignation in 2013, Philadelphia delegation in 2014, Philadelphia visit of Pope Francis and much more.

For her continuous support and hardcore dedication towards journalism, she has received numerous awards including multiple Emmy Awards, Individual achievement in News Writing, Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Recognition from Italian-American Community, Knight of the Order of Merit from Italian Republic, Gabriel Award, CEBA Award, Excellence Black Audience and Sarah award and many more.


Coming back to her personal life section, she has stayed away from all the possible controversies that can ruin her professional life. Just like the other, she seems to quite a reserve a person when it comes to about her life. The beautiful and gorgeous Pat has no rumors regarding her past affairs however, she is a happily married woman. She has been married for a long time and most probably they might have a good family with children however these facts about her life has not been disclosed. Similarly, she has been away with extra-marital affairs and there has no conflict and divorce situation in Pat Ciarrocchi’s married life.