Paul Thomas Anderson, who is best renowned by his other name P.T. Anderson, is one of the sensational filmmaker and directors of America. Born in the year 1970, June 26 in Studio City, California, he serves himself as the film director, screenwriter, and producer by profession. Being in the industry for a long time, he began his career in filmmaking by producing a number of short films in the past. Analyzing the industry very closely, he has his own genre and method of filmmaking. Paul is best reckon as the filmmaker of Boogie Night, Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, There will be Blood. The Master, Inherent Vice and much more.


Anderson born and raised in California is the son of Emie Anderson who is one of the sensational persona and disc jockey, radio, television announcer and voice artist. Following and improving his father’s dream, he began his career as a production assistant in movies, music video, and game. Gaining the experience from the job, he later decided to make his own film. He gathers the fund of $20,000 from gambling, father’s pocket and girlfriends credit card, he somehow managed to make 20 minutes long film named Cigarettes & Coffee which is all based on his college life in the year 1993.


After struggling for a while, the big day followed him when he managed to produce full-length movie named Hard Eight. Later he got big success from his second movie Boogie Nights. In the later days, he produced a number of hit movies including Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, There Will be Blood, The Master, Inherent Vice, Junun, and other various movies. Being reckon with a distinctive style, he has won a number of awards and has been nominated for various awards. Besides, he has also led his hands in a number of music video including Try, Across the Universe, Fast as You Can, Save Me, Paper Bag, Here We Go, Hot Knife and Drivers.



Concerning about his personal life and dating relationship, he has been gifted with wonderful body structure and personality. Though he has an average kind of body, he is more famous for his pleasant and calm working structure. Paul who has an imaginary mind and always loves to try different things in movie has been followed by millions of people in his social platforms. Being one of the style icons of the industry, Paul shirtless pictures is one of the most search item on the internet. Besides, there’s not much information available from his side as he loves to keep things pretty tight and secret.

Covering his dating relationship, he might have been in love and has made many girlfriends in the past, however, these things cannot be found in Paul Thomas Anderson bio. However, the source states that he has been dating singer Fiona Apple during the time of 1990’s and 2000’s but there’s no news about how the couple got separated. Currently, he is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend Maya Rudolph. Maya represents herself as a famous actress and comedian. The couple is living together with their four children named Pearl Bailey in 2005, Luculle in 2009, Minnie Ida in 2013 and Jack in 2011. The couple is residing in San Fernando Valley, however, it’s quite unsure whether the couple has been married or not.