Having management skills from early days, Peter Derzis has been looking after the management part of a subsidiary of ESPN, ESPN Events. He currently holds the position of senior vice president of ESPN events and has been operating a large portfolio of college sporting events worldwide including three Labor Day weekend college football game, 10 college basketball events, 13 college bowl games, and two college award shows.


Peter Derzis’s childhood memories remain hidden from media. There is no any information on where he was born and how he spent his childhood days. While talking about his education background, he did his schooling from the local school of his hometown. He earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Alabama in 1975. During his University days, he used to manage various sports event which helped him to flourish his management skills. After completing his education from the University of Alabama, he held the position of athletic director at the University from 1977 to 1990. During his tenure as an athletic director, he looked after various areas of the athletic department such as broadcasting and fundraising, all sports administration and game day management.  After working for the University of Alabama for 3 years he joined ERT, the nation’s largest syndicator of college sports programming.

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During his tenure in ERT, Pete Derzis directed ERT to the top syndication rights-holder as well as producer of national, regional and local events for college conferences such as the BIG EAST, Big 12, Mid-American and WAC. ERT annually contributed in the production of more than 1200 telecasts of sports events. Those sporting events include programming of football, basketball, NCAA events, golf and NHRA events. In November 2005, he became senior vice president and general manager of ESPN Regional Television. In 1994, ESPN acquired Creative Sports and Derzis joined ESPN and he was given the post of vice president. In 1997 ESPN formed ERT after combining its OCC division and Creative sports which became the largest syndicator of college programming of U.S. and Derzis continued to work on his position looking after programming and acquisitions. Since then Derzis has been looking after the creation and acquisitions operated by ESPN. ESPN events include 250 plus hours of programming, 64 million viewers, and 700000 attendees each year. It has 7 satellite offices and has been managing the Big 12 programs. Other events included an international soccer event, the ESPN National Golf Challenge and lacrosse tournament.


Coming to his personal life, Pete Derzis has not spoken much more about his married life and relationships. Most probably he is a married man and might have children. Being busy on his own profession he has not been able to give sufficient time for his family. He prefers to keep his personal life and professional life far from each other and tends to keep his personal life private. By looking at his pictures we can guess that he must be 55 plus but also he has been able to maintain his gentle looks and bold personality.