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Peter Alexander Biography

Facts of Peter Alexander Biography

Date of Birth: 1976 January 9
Age: 42 years old
occupation Journalist
place_of_birth United States

Introduction and Early Life

Peter Alexander, who is a talented American meteorologist, has also been able to won the Emmy Award. He was born in the year 1946- July 29. He is an American citizen. He was born in California, Oakland. His mother name Terry Alexander also known as née Pink and his father name was David Alexander. His father was an advocate/lawyer.

Talking about his siblings, he has two twin siblings named as Rebecca Alexander and Daniel Alexander. Rebecca alexander is a psychotherapist and he was born in the year 1979- February 4.likewise another sibling Daniel alexander is a lawyer and he was born in the year 197, February 4. Taking about his parent’s personal life, they are divorced couple. He also has a sister name who is suffer from type III Usher syndrome and also he has another step-sister named Lauren which is from his father.


Furthermore, he is highly educated person and he had studied meteorologist. Even though he is quite famous but his educational qualification is yet not disclosed in the online sources. He is a very dedicated person as considering his work. He has also been able to capture different international as well as national news.  He was also very much interest in natural calamities also, so despite of the fear he also covered the news of tsunami which occurred in Indonesia.

Peter Alexander

 Likewise he has also done news research on Israel, Galapagos island, Mexico as well as Laos. Not only this, he also covered issues related to environment in the Northwest Passage region. Being a well-known reporter, he made a story on the lifestyle of his sister Rebecca who suffered from a genetic disorder disease losing her vision as well as hearing. He covered this story so that the world will know about this disease as it a very rare disease and his sister might also get helped. As he was extra genius and talented he had the opportunity cover various hot news and as well as breaking events. He also worked as an anchoring in the program named miracle on the Hudson as well as in the program tragedy at the Virginia technology organization.

Covering News from Terrorism to Sports

He was also one of the reporter who covered the report of Iraq election of 2005 which was a historical election and he was also able to cover the news of death of the king of worlds terrorism and head of Alkaida association Osama bin laden who was killed in Pakistan by us special force. He also collected the terrorism news from Afghanistan and other countries.Likewise he also covered famous controversial news. One of them is about the organization named as Wikileaks and also on its founder Julian Assange.

Not only this, he also worked as a host for sport program while he was working for NBC. While working for NBC he got an opportunity to cover the news of Beijing Olympic game which was held in the year 20008 as well as the Olympic game of Vancouver as well.

Personal Life

He is married to Alison starling in the year 2012 which was his girlfriend and they are said to be living happily and no rumours of divorce or quarrelling is being heard about them till now. They also have a child which was born in the year 2013-july 23 named as Ava Starling Alexander. 

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