Quick Facts Peter Ware Higgs

Peter Ware Higgs is one of the famous physicist who has shown remarkable talent in his field and as a result awarded with Nobel Prize. Peter who serves as Theoretical Physicist in the University of Edinburgh was born on May 29, 1929, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Peter has the British Nationality and follows all religion equally despite being one of the scientists and major coworker in the field of Physics.


Coming from the engineering family, he is the son of an engineer working for BBC and Scottish mother and was born and raised in Newcastle, England. Due to his father moving job, he has a kind of quickly and touring childhood. Due to world war II and other moving phenomena he was home schooled for several years until the family decided to resettle in Bedford. Peter went to Cotham Grammar School, Bristol from the year 1941 to 1946 where he got to work on Quantum Mechanics, which further rested significant motivation to do something great in the field of Physics.

Peter also attended the City of London School and King’s College London in the year 1946 and 1947 where he learned specialized mathematics along with honor’s degree in Physics in the year 1950. He achieves master degree in Physics in 1952 and awarded with Ph.D. in 1954. After studying deep in molecular vibration, he became the Senior Research in the University of Edinburgh and later assigned various post in Imperial College London followed by the University of College London.

During his research career, he was always more focus in small molecular particles and weight of its mass. He believes that subatomic particles interact with each other having permeates their space to mass and all the elementary factors. After years of researching, he finally managed to form a team with a worldwide renowned scientist in order to have the detail view, analysis and deep understanding of the molecular particles and their vibrations. The team in the year developed the theory with numbers of an experiment that illustrates the deep understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles.

The experiment was held by the ATLAS and CMS experiment team at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. In the same year he won the Nobel Prize for his contribution and theory he developed that went truly in the 50 years span of time. Though the Nobel Prize was quite a bit of scandal and he was on the verge of declining the offer, however, he took the credit along with all the members and thousands of employees who was associated with the task.


Coming to his personal life section, he is as successful in professional life as in Personal life. Peter married his fellow activist for Nuclear Disarmament, Jody Williamson in the year 1963. They have a long successful history of their marriage. The couple shares two children with each other among which one is a computer scientist while the other is a famous Jazz musician. Higgs has other two grandchildren and the whole family resides in Edinburgh.